Pieces of Classics The Book of Poetry | Xiongzhi – accusing “gentlemen” of ignorance of virtue

033 The Book of Songs·Guofeng·Beifeng·Xiong Pheasant

Translation, Interpretation, Ode: All the Way

The male pheasant flies,

flaws its wings.

The nostalgia in my heart,

bring myself infinite sadness.

The male pheasant flies,

The chirping sound is low up and down.

Honest and reliable husband,

It hurts my heart.

Looking at the alternation of the sun and the moon,

missing is long and long.

It’s a long way back,

When will I return to my hometown?

Those gentlemen in power,

How can there be any virtue.

Don’t be jealous and don’t be insatiable,

What’s wrong with this!

“The Pheasant” – Complaint “Gentlemen” do not know virtue

This is also a poem about a wife missing her husband. We have read several such poems, such as “Rolling Ears”, “Grass and Insects”…

This poem is inspired by the male pheasant, “The male pheasant flies and vents its feathers.” The chickens fly up and down with their colorful wings and fly far away. But it is actually not good at flying, and its fate is really worrying. “The gentleman of the exhibition, please work hard on my heart.” If it is just a feeling of “Looking at the sun and the moon, I think leisurely. The cloud of the Tao is far away, can the cloud come?”, then there is nothing special about this poem. here.

What’s special is the last chapter: “A gentleman of Baier does not know virtue. If you don’t ask for it, why don’t you use it!” You gentlemen, don’t you have a little bit of virtue? Can’t you not be greedy for personal gain and not harm the people? Don’t you want to do something good for the people? !

This accusation, this resentment makes this poem special.

One Dianhao goes all the way