People with a bad stomach should “reject 3 things and do more 3 things”, so that stomach problems can stay away from you

Maintaining good stomach function requires the development of a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t pay attention to many details, your gastrointestinal function will decline, followed by indigestion and decreased appetite. Therefore, in this maintenance On the one hand, you should master the method, and some types of food should be kept away during the development of stomach disease, so don’t continue to eat wrongly. So, what can you eat less to improve gastrointestinal function?

1, spicy Food

In order to improve stomach function,spicy food should be eaten less. Some people don’t like spicy food, and they pay attention to a strong taste when eating. If something too bland feels unappetizing, choose more spicy foods that add a lot of pepper and chili. However, spicy things are highly irritating, which will irritate the gastric mucosa, increase the secretion of gastric acid, and damage the mucosa, which is not conducive to the improvement of the disease. In addition, spicy things are easy to get angry, which may accelerate the development of gastric inflammation, so that inflammatory substances are produced, so it is better to stay away.

2. High-fat food

The typical representative of high-fat food is Fat meat, fatty meat is rich in fat and cholesterol, you may get tired after eating a few pieces, which will affect your appetite and increase the burden of digestion. However, some people have reduced gastrointestinal function and are developing diseases. In the face of this situation, we should try our best toreduce digestive pressure and increase appetite, In terms of diet, choose light foods to obtain nutrients. But if you still eat too muchgreasy in the follow-up diet process, you always prefer to eatfat< /span>,diarrhea may occur.

3. Pickled food

After the invasion of stomach disease pickled things should stay away, pickled food has many representatives, including< /span>ham, canned food, salted fish, the sodium salt contained in these foods after pickling Rich, excessive intake will irritate the gastric mucosa, if the stomach has Ulcer, inflammation, easy to accelerate the development of the disease. Adding pickled things will produce nitrite, which is harmful to health, this substance still has a certain amount Carcinogenic hidden dangers, therefore, you should choose other fresh foods instead, and don’t rely too much on pickled foods.

How to maintain the stomach?

1. Regular inspection

Maintenance of the stomach Regular inspections should be done to see if the stomach is checked. Some diseases have just begun to develop, and the signal is not obvious. It is difficult to detect the clues in time simply by self-feeling, and when various adverse symptoms appear, the disease becomes serious again. Therefore, the correct way is to go to the hospital for regular checkups, especially those with Some people with a family genetic history of tumors cannot fail the gastroscopy to prevent the invasion of serious diseases.

2. Pay attention to hygiene

Pay attention to personal hygiene, Wash your hands before and after meals, and sterilize the tableware reasonably in order to prevent diseases from entering the mouth. Many people develop stomach ailments that are actually related to certain bacterial infectionsRelated, among whichEscherichia coli, Helicobacter pylori, Salmonella, etc. will cause harm to the human body, and most of these germs are caused by not paying attention to hygiene invasion. If you can maintain good living habits and pay attention to details in terms of hygiene, you will naturally and effectively prevent stomach diseases and protect your digestive system.

3. Stay away from tobacco and alcohol

Enhancing stomach function should have a good habit, and resolutely do itNever smoke or drink< span>, many people cannot do this, so it has become the fuse of disease invasion. The damage caused by tobacco and alcohol is extensive, not only lungs, liver damage, even kidneys, heart, stomach will be damaged Involvement, many harmful substances in it reach other organs with blood circulation, alcohol is irritating, long-term dependence on tobacco and alcohol, stomach diseaseIt will invade, you should stop smoking and drinking in time.