People who have been “sexual” often have these three manifestations on their bodies, and they are easy to cause harm. If you encounter them, stay away from them


Lawful, too much, too much. The rain, the rain that lasts too long.

Excessive power refers to the violence that a powerful party exerts on a weaker party.

The hole card is the card that is revealed until the critical moment in the poker game.

To be a human being, you also need a hole card. At critical moments, you can win with one blow; when you are in a trough, you can rise quickly.

A person’s hardest card, is not wealth, background, or fame , but “reliable”.

The old man said that people who have been “promiscuous” often have these three manifestations in their bodies, which are easy to cause harm, so stay away when you meet them!

1. Unreliable speaking

Some people often tell lies and deceive others for their own benefit, and sometimes even try their best to take advantage of others.

“Xiang” said: “Fudui Zhiji”, Xin Zhi also.

“Xiangci” said: “Integrity in the heart and harmony with people, so you get auspiciousness”, which shows that the heart is honest and honest, and good results can be obtained.

Speaking reliably is the highest level of language art.

Speak reliably, but speak cautiously about things you are not sure of, don’t talk nonsense about things that haven’t happened, and don’t talk nonsense about things you can’t do.

In the ninth year of King Zhuang of Zhou in the Spring and Autumn Period, Qi State united four vassal states to attack Wei State.

Qi Xianggong replied: “When the melons mature again next year, I will send others to replace you.”

But one year has come, Qi Xianggong has not fulfilled his promise, and the two generals are very dissatisfied.

The two were so angry that their teeth itched, they secretly united with Gongsun Wuzhi, rebelled, and elected a new monarch.

As the old saying goes: “A spit is a nail.”< /p>

Speaking is unreliable, exaggerating every time, disappointment accumulates again and again, and people gradually alienate him.

Only by speaking reliable words can small words achieve great results.

Materialist dialectics believes that things are universally connected Yes, things and their elements influence each other and restrict each other, and the whole world is an interconnected whole and an interactive system.

Adhering to materialist dialectics means grasping things from the inner connection of objective things, understanding problems and dealing with them .

Confucius said: “If you don’t worry about scarcity, you will suffer from inequality. ”

It means not worrying about not having points, but worrying about the unfairness and justice of distribution, not worrying about people living in poverty, And worry about life is not stable.

Mencius said: “The old is the old and the old is the old, and the young is the young and the young.”

It means: respect and love the elderly in one’s own family, and respect and love other elderly people; take care of one’s own children, and also take care of other people’s children.

Although Marxism was born in aMore than half a century ago, history and reality have proved that it is a scientific theory, and it still has strong vitality so far.

Even in today’s Western society, Marxism still has an important influence.

At the dawn of this century, Marx was named “the first thinker in the millennium” by the western thought circle “.

American scholar Heilbroner in his book “Marxism: For and Against” Zhong said,In order to explore the development prospects of human society, we must seek advice from Marx, and human society still lives in the law of development expounded by Marx.

Practice also proves that no matter how the times change and science advances, Marxism still shows The mighty power of scientific thought still occupies the commanding heights of truth and morality.

Second, unreliable work

There was a popular question: “What is a person’s top charisma?”

There is a highly praised answer: “Everything is explained, everything is settled, and everything is answered.”

In the final analysis, there are four words: reliable work.

How reliable a person is determines how much he can achieve. Shanghai beach tycoon Du Yuesheng is a good example.

Huang Jinrong was arrested and imprisoned because of his beauty. In the end, only relying on Du Yuesheng’s rescue, Huang Jinrong saved himself from danger.

The more reliable the work is, the higher the credit value will be, and the more prosperous the business will be.

“The way of learning must be based on thinking.” Those who gain are easy to lose.”

Learning should be based on thinking, and knowledge can be gained after thinking. Knowledge cannot be gained without thinking.

If you don’t think deeply, you can’t grasp the truth. If you get something without deep thinking, even if you get it, you will lose it easily.

The more successful a person is, the more cautious he should be. There is a saying that can only sail for thousands of years if you are careful.

Thinking deeply can make you be prepared for danger in times of peace. When you think about your poverty when you are rich and prosperous, you will not show off and show off. This way you can keep your glory and wealth, and vice versa Lose all their own property, but also harm others and themselves.

Whoever ignores this point will soon fail even if they succeed.

In the study and research of Marxism, one should not take the attitude of just scratching the surface and scratching the surface.

Adhere to the guidance of Marxism, and ultimately how to use it.

” Those who value knowledge are valued if they can use it.”

The reason why people value knowledge is that they value their ability to Apply the acquired knowledge to solve practical problems.

Philosophy and social sciences must have a critical spirit, which is the most valuable spiritual quality of Marxism.

We must study and learn from all beneficial knowledge systems and research methods, and we cannot adopt An attitude of non-analysis and rejection.

In the process of establishing their own theoretical system, Marx and Engels absorbed a lot of achievements created by their predecessors.

For the beneficial knowledge system accumulated by modern social science, we use effective methods such as model deduction and quantitative analysis. Works too, and should work fine.

It should be noted that when using these knowledge and methods, don’t forget your ancestors and don’t lose the science judgement.

The starting point of theoretical thinking determines the result of theoretical innovation. Theoretical innovation can only start from a problem.

In a sense, the process of theoretical innovation is the process of discovering, screening, researching and solving problems.

Marx once pointed out profoundly: “The main difficulty is not the answer, but the question.”

“The question is The slogan of the times is the most practical call to express its own spiritual state.”

Engels It has long been said:“Marx’s entire world view is not a doctrine, but a method. What it provides is not a ready-made dogma, but a starting point and supply for further research. The methodology used in this study.”

Third, unreliable character

There is a saying in “Cai Gen Tan”:“The virtuous is the king of talent, and the talented is the slave of virtue.”

A person’s moral character , is the master of talent; and talent is only the slave of morality.

Reliable character is a person’s most precious passport.

In this life, only character and ability are reliable.

Therefore, when your ability is not strong, try to be a good person, that’s right.

When you use your character as a hole card, even if you have not been a big shot all your life, you are still indomitable in the eyes of others.

Seeking truth from facts is the essence of life and an important way of thinking for us to start a business.

We must persist in emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, advancing with the times, and being ready to uphold the truth, Fix mistakes.

There is no end to the development of practice, and there is no end to understanding the truth and making theoretical innovations.

Through learning and mastering the correct position, point of view, and method, improve strategic thinking ability, comprehensive decision-making ability, and ability to control the overall situation, so as to achieve knowledge and action Unity, enhance the scientific nature, predictability, and initiative of work, and avoid falling into the dilemma of being confused with little knowledge, blind without knowing, and chaotic due to ignorance.

Only when you are theoretically sober can you be firm in thinking.

Firm ideals and beliefs must be based on a deep understanding of the present and Based on a deep grasp of the laws of history.

We must study new ideas, new thoughts, and new strategies in depth, constantly improve our own ideological awareness and theoretical level, and maintain an understanding of Sober cognition and persistent pursuit of lofty ideals and goals.

Time is the mother of thought, practice is the source of theory.

There is no end to the development of practice, and there is no end to our knowledge of the truth and theoretical innovation.

Today, the breadth and depth of the changes and development of the times are far beyond the imagination of the predecessors.

If the theory is not thorough, it will be difficult to convince people.

We need to examine the realistic basis and practical needs of current development with a broader perspective, and insist on Problem-oriented, insist on focusing on what we are doing, listen to the voice of the times, and further promote the integration of innovation theory with the specific reality of current development, constantly open up new realms of life development, and welcome a new future.