People who drink water on an empty stomach in the morning are more harmful than those who do not eat breakfast? different from what you think

Water is one of the important natural resources on which all life depends.

Water is one of the most common substances on Earth, covering 71% of the Earth’s surface. It is an important resource for the survival of all life including inorganic compounds and human beings, and it is also the most important part of living organisms

human tissue 2/3 of water is composed of water, and people must consume 2-3 liters of water every day to maintain basic life activities. Only with sufficient water can blood and lymph fluid circulate smoothly.

The importance of “water”?

“Water” plays a vital role in our life, it is the source of life, and 70% of our body is composed of water. It is an indispensable and important resource for human survival and development.

For the human body, all chemical reactions that take place in the body are carried out in water. , Oxygen cannot be absorbed, oxygen cannot be transported to various tissues and organs, cannot achieve its function, waste cannot be discharged, and metabolism will be terminated.

The water in the human body accounts for about 65% of the body weight, the brain is 75%, the blood is 83%, and the muscles are 76%. %, bones contain 22% water, and 15% water shortage is often worse than hunger. Without water, the human body can live for about a week at most.

Water not only maintains the normal operation and normal operation of the body, but also plays an important role in various industries and industrial sectors. There is no environment that does not use water in daily life, and there is no industry that is not directly or indirectly related to water.

So water, as a precious wealth that nature presents to human beings, has been paid attention to early on.

A glass of water in the morning, which time period should “this glass of water” be controlled?

It is well known that drinking a glass of water in the morning can remove your own toxins and waste metabolites, and by drinking water, you can relax the bowels and relax your bowels. As a result, after a night of body dormancy, there are many garbage in the body, and drinking water can promote the discharge of garbage.

At the same time, this glass of water in the morning, also known as “golden water”, provides the body’s health by drinking water. Breathing and urination have achieved a certain promotion effect, and the blood viscosity is relatively high after getting up in the morning, so the probability of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is relatively high.

Drinking a glass of water in the morning can replenish blood volume and reduce the viscosity of your own blood. The stomach is in an empty state, and it is easy to be hungry. Drinking a glass of water can relieve hunger and enhance satiety.

So some people ask? What time should I drink water in the morning?

A glass of water in the morning, should be drunk before breakfast, and on an empty stomach, no matter what time period, just get up After breakfast, you can drink a glass of “boiled water”, which can promote blood circulation and detoxify and beautify your face.

There is no certain limit to the amount of water you drink in the morning, you can choose to drink according to your own physical needs. The “Chinese Dietary Guidelines Recommendations” normal adults should control the amount of water to be controlled at about 1500-1800 ml a day.

People who often drink water on an empty stomach in the morning are more harmful than those who skip breakfast? Different from what everyone thinks

Waking up in the morning and drinking a glass of warm water can achieve the effects of laxative, detoxification and beauty, body maintenance, elimination of garbage and metabolites, and at the same time, it can also improve one’s basal metabolic capacity, as well as immunity and resistance.

Experts believe that drinking a glass of warm water after getting up in the morning can make the body run faster and help blood flow The blood circulation is usually higher after getting up in the morning. After drinking a glass of warm water, it can help to dilute the blood concentration.

However, as early as 1993, when we visited the United Kingdom, the drinking water test was recorded. With such a result, the experimenter believed that he often had an empty stomach in the morning. Drinking water is more harmful than those who skip breakfast.

But now, many experts believe that drinking water on an empty stomach will encrypt the yang energy in the body, and there is no It has any relationship with other diseases, whether it is drinking warm water, cold water, or hot water, it will not affect the yang energy in the body.

In fact, this statement is not fully scientifically verified, and people who go to bed will always get up in the morning and drink on an empty stomach. Comparing water to having breakfast in the morning is a bit redundant.

As the saying goes: “A day’s plan is in the morning”, the morning is the golden period, and a meal in the morning It is the “golden meal” and the most important meal. It can provide good effects to the body through the intake of food in the morning.

However, nowadays, people’s living habits and life time have changed to a certain extent, and more and more people start not to eat Breakfast or hurriedly take a few bites as breakfast. In fact, if you don’t eat breakfast, you are likely to suffer from gastrointestinal diseases and the probability of stone disease.

If you don’t eat breakfast in the morning, it is difficult to excrete toxins and metabolites from the body. The continuous accumulation and retention in the body can easily induce gastrointestinal diseases and the occurrence of basal metabolic chronic diseases.

Eating breakfast is a very healthy way to maintain health, but you can also drink water on an empty stomach. Try it out with confidence, because a variety of experiments have shown that water, as the source of life, can provide the body with the nutrients needed for efficient tissues and organs.

Extended – What are the health benefits of “drinking water in the morning”?

Benefit 1: Cleanse the stomach

Drinking water in the morning can help improve immunity, achieve the effect of clearing the bowels and moistening the bowels, and promote gastrointestinal motility. Drink a glass of warm water every morning when you wake up, especially on an empty stomach. The staying time is short, it is easy to clean the stomach, and it has a good conditioning effect.

Benefit Two: Hydration

After a night of detoxification and detoxification, self-repair and adjustment, the body is also extremely dehydrated. The body must run through water, which will lose a lot of water. Drink it in the morning A glass of water can replenish the lost water in the body and accelerate blood circulation.

Benefit Three: Skin Care p>

For many women who love beauty, skin care is very important. In addition to skin care products, you can also drink water. To maintain the healthy state of the skin, replenish moisture and condition your skin in time, and reduce the probability of acne, pigmentation, and acne. #Aile Health Guide#