“People get old and their legs get old”, reminder: if there are 4 signs on the legs, it may be a signal of disease

Master Wang, who is in his early 70s this year, plays chess with his friends every afternoon. After chatting, I found that several people have cold legs, and they think it is old cold legs.

Because the symptoms did not improve for a long time, the children took him to the hospital for examination, which turned out to be lower extremity arteries With sclerosing obliterans, Master Wang’s lower extremity arteries are only 1 mm thick. Luckily it was checked in time.

In fact, if the body has a disease, it may also send out a distress signal on the leg.

1. 4 signs on the legs, which may be a sign of disease

The advent of disease is not silent, and some abnormal signs on the legs may also be suggestive signals of disease in the body.

1. Leg lumps

Normal legs should be smooth without lumps , although most people have a leg mass that is benign, it may also be caused by cancer metastases in the leg. If it has a hard texture, no obvious pain, rapid growth, The tissue has characteristics such as adhesion, which should be careful to be caused by cancer metastasis such as lung cancer.

2. Leg swelling< /p>

The most common cause of leg swelling isvenous thrombosis, which can be identified by ultrasonography, acute Venous thrombosis and chronic venous thrombosis are divided into different thrombus treatment methods and should be treated according to the doctor’s advice.

3. Darkening of the skin color

The color of the legs suddenly darkens, be wary of Blood circulation disorders caused by metabolic diseases, varicose veins, etc., and black moles with abnormal changes should be alert to melanoma.

4. Cold legs

like Vascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis and varicose veins, such as varicose veins, are likely to cause poor blood circulation in the body, which will affect the body temperature regulation function, resulting in the symptoms of cold legs and feet.

Second, “People get old first”, 5 performances to judge whether they are getting old

As the saying goes, “people get old before their legs get old”. With the advent of aging, the cooperation between the brain and the legs becomes no longer tacit, and various abnormal symptoms may even appear. Through the following five manifestations You can tell if your legs are getting old.

1. Hip and knee pain or not

With age, The joints will also become fragile. If the legs are painful or stuck when going up and down stairs or jumping, it means that there is a problem with the joints and should be checked in time.

2. With or without varicose veins

If the blood vessels in the legs are found to be very clear, Like a snake, that could be a signal from varicose veins.

3. More cramps

The number of unexplained cramps increases, be careful that it is caused by osteoporosis.

4. Easy backache and leg pain

Stand for a longer time or cough, etc. Those who have symptoms of backache and leg pain, and those who have tenderness in the calf are all signs of diseases in the body.

5. Slower walking

Walking slower and slower, legs and feet Becoming disobedient, etc., are abnormal manifestations of the legs.

Third, how to prevent leg aging?

As an important part of the human body, the legs are closely related to human health. What we can do is to delay the aging of the legs from life.

Usually, you can use hot water to soak your feet and get more sun, and then leg swings and tummy rubs can also improve blood circulation in the legs.

Finally, remember that once theSolve the abnormal symptoms of the leg, we must pay attention to, as soon as possible to find out the cause.

The aging of the legs is a major sign of human aging. If you find that you are walking slowly , joint pain, easy cramps, sore waist and leg pain, etc., be careful of the signal of leg aging, usually you must do a good job of preventing leg aging, exercise more appropriately, you can also swing your legs, rub your calf and so on.


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