Pelosi tweeted to bring security to both sides of the Pacific Ocean, netizens: Bring a crisis

Jimu News reporter Hu Li

Intern Zhang Tianchen

According to the latest updates on the personal social account of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, she has ended her meeting with Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance , did not mention her next itinerary or plans to visit Taiwan, China.

Pelosi and Singaporean officials (Source: Pelosi’s personal social account)

“Today our delegation met with Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and discussed how the United States and Singapore can work together to provide security, prosperity and opportunity for people on both sides of the Pacific,” Pelosi wrote on social media.

Many netizens responded to Pelosi’s post: “You shouldn’t go to Taiwan, we don’t want another war.” Netizens commented: “Pelosi will bring more crises, More crises will only bring more economic losses in the tens of thousands.” Some even said: “If you dare to go, see God the next day.”

Netizen comments (source: social media screenshot)

In addition, according to Singapore’s “The Straits Times” report, the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on August 1 saying that On the same day, Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong held a meeting with the visiting US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, emphasizing the importance of stable China-US relations to regional peace and security.