Parents with diabetes, how to avoid it

【Parents have diabetes, how can I avoid it? ] A fan left a message and said: His parents have diabetes, they are very afraid, what should I do?

Diabetes is indeed hereditary. Type 2 diabetes is a polygenic genetic disease, which is the result of the combined effect of genetic factors and unhealthy lifestyles, and has a familial aggregation phenomenon.

Studies have found that when one parent has type 2 diabetes, the child has a 40% risk of developing the disease; when both parents have type 2 diabetes, the child has a 70% risk.

What if we were born into a family with diabetes?

There is no escape from hiding.

Genes cannot be changed, but lifestyles can. Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of diabetes, we must first maintain a healthy lifestyle, such as a balanced diet, eat more whole grains, eat more vegetables, moderate fruits and meat, eat less salt, less alcohol, no beverages, try not to drink Eat processed and high-calorie foods; maintain a healthy weight, get more exercise, etc.

If you are unfortunate enough to get diabetes, don’t be nervous, let alone avoid it. In fact, diabetes itself is not terrible, but the complications of diabetes are terrible. Therefore, people who have already developed diabetes should first control blood sugar through non-drug measures. If non-drug measures cannot control blood sugar to the standard, do not refuse drugs. Reasonable drugs are effective measures to control the complications of diabetes.

All in all, high-risk groups without diabetes should live a healthy life to avoid the occurrence of diabetes; people with diabetes should control their blood sugar steadily to meet the standard to avoid complications.

Many people in families with diabetes live long and healthy lives. I hope this video will give this friend and many fans the confidence to overcome diabetes.