Only now do I know that this kind of shallots cannot be eaten. Thanks to my friend’s timely reminder, I have improved my knowledge.

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Guide: Only now do I know that this kind of shallot is not edible. Thanks to my friend’s timely reminder, I have gained more knowledge!

With the progress and development of society, people’s living standards and quality of life have been improved to a certain extent, and now people only need a little money in their pockets Then, you can go directly to the market to buy what you want, whether it is food, drink, use, play, clothing, etc., you can go directly to the market to buy it.

Like the shallot we shared with you today, everyone Maybe there are still a lot of them on the market. Of course, some friends will grow some shallots at home to eat. Moreover, in this season, most of my friends like to eat some hot pot. At this time, we are This kind of soul seasoning must be indispensable, that is, shallots. The nutritional value of shallots is also quite rich. They are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, iron minerals, amino acids and trace elements, as well as a large number of nutrients.

These nutrients can help us increase our appetite and promote intestinal Crawling, improving metabolism, and at the same time, it can increase the aroma and taste, appetizing and satisfying cravings. Therefore, shallots are also one of the ingredients that everyone likes in our daily life. So usually when we go to the market to buy this kind of shallots, everyone must know that this kind of shallots cannot be eaten.

However, more than 60% of my friends may not know Such shallots are not, they can be eaten directly, and they are often bought home for use. Today, let’s follow Xiaomei to see what such shallots refer to. I hope it will be of some reference to everyone. When you buy in the market, you must be careful, and don’t buy them indiscriminately.

Today, the editor shared with you This kind of shallot refers to some shallots with southern alum. You cannot eat them directly, because such shallots contain a lot of hormones. Some merchants may make these shallots even more If it is novel and does not affect their sales, it will spray some blue sails on it. This blue sail, which is what we often refer to as copper sulfate, can play a certain role in preserving freshness, while shallots are very easy to become soft. It becomes wilting, so in order to keep it fresh, the merchants will spray a lot of southern alum on it. If you eat this blue sail directly, it will have a certain impact on your body, so it will be harmful to your physical and mental health. Do not buy it This shallot with blue sails.

Then we usually go to the market to buy shallotsHow to avoid spraying a lot of troublesome shallots? At this time, first of all, I would like to share with you that this method and technique is very simple, that is, when we go to the market to buy vegetables, it is best for you to carry a piece of toilet paper in your hand. When buying this kind of shallot, everyone Wipe the root of the shallot directly with toilet paper. If you find some blue color on the toilet paper, it means that the shallot has been sprayed with a lot of blue sails by the merchant. Don’t buy it and use it. What if you wipe it? If the paper towel is still of any color after the color is wiped, it means that the shallot has not been sprayed with a lot of blue sails by the merchant, and we can safely buy it and use it at home.

So, the kind of You can’t buy and eat the shallots with blue sails directly. Of course, if you accidentally buy such blue-sail shallots, at this time, after you buy them, you must wash them with clean water first. Then, remember to soak in salt water for a while, remove some toxic ingredients on it, play a role in disinfection and sterilization, and then rinse with clean water, you can avoid some toxic ingredients, and there is no harm to the body. It won’t have much impact, so when you buy shallots, you must avoid them in advance, and don’t pretend to understand.

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