Online classes are a mirror that reflects the true nature of education

Recently, Douyin @There is a blogger with a child named Hamburg, who posted a video of Little Hamburg reading, which became popular all over the Internet.

This video has been played more than 1.2 million times, and the video is only 2 and a half minutes long, but it made me cry A lot of people.

One day in the video, Xiao Hamburg stayed at home for online classes and needed to record a reading and clock in. I saw him Recorded very seriously: “The plan of a year lies in spring, and the plan of a day lies in the morning…” Unexpectedly, there are always mistakes every time.

He repeated it many times, and when he almost finished one, he read it wrong again and broke down to tears .

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He wanted to tear up the book, but finally controlled it with reason. He wanted to complain to his mother, but he remembered that his mother was not at home.

After crying, he Wipe away tears, re-record, and finally finish the reading and punching assignment, and check it carefully.

Many people say that Online classes are a mirror that reflects The original shape of education.

The young Burger, in a short video, let us see him Self-discipline, self-healing, and diligence.

The online course is

There are always parents who complain about their children’s online classes at home : “My family is like a battlefield.”

My friend Li Lei said that her family is like this.

At a friend gathering last week, Li Lei complained about her experience of accompanying her 7-year-old son in online classes.

“I need to drink water for a while, and go to the toilet for a while, not to scribble here with a pen, Just looking here and touching there, after the class, I don’t know what to say.”

Li Lei said, son The situation of online classes made her irritable but powerless.

Some people say:“True self-discipline is not against humanity, It’s about being able to live with it harmoniously.”

Self-discipline is the accelerator of life growth. Knowing how to exchange self-discipline for self-improvement can win the favor of fate.

Recently, Liu Xiuxiang’s name has become popular all over the Internet.

The story of him going to school with his crazy mother on his back 14 years ago once swiped the Internet, and now he is one of the top twenty The representative rushed to the hot search again.

Liu Xiuxiang was born in a small mountain village in Guizhou, and his family was poor. From the age of 10, he took up the burden of supporting his family.

At a young age, he knew that only by studying can he escape the difficulties of life.

In junior high school, he was inA shack was built around the school, and he lived temporarily with his mother; in high school, the pigsty became his humble new home.

Whether it is the scorching sun in summer or the cold wind in winter, it has not changed his desire to study hard enthusiasm.

He has to work several jobs after school every day. Only when I get home at night can I review under the lamp, and I don’t rest until late at night.

Finally, with self-discipline year after year, he was admitted to Shandong Linyi University.

I once read this sentence: “The meaning of self-discipline is to prompt you to restrain yourself, restrain yourself and change Unrestrained indulgence.”

Life is alive, indulgence is equivalent to failure; self-discipline is the only way to win .

A gentleman is careful not to deceive the dark room;

Online classes are a competition, and the fight is about self-discipline. People who are successful in a certain field often use self-discipline to polish and temper themselves.

This process is painful, but after tempering, it will inevitably be transformation and transcendence.

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In life, those who integrate self-discipline into life will definitely give him the best in life score.

The online course is The fork will open the distance

Han Yu said in “Teacher Talk”: “Teacher Therefore, it is also necessary to preach and receive karma to solve doubts.” Teachers are responsible for education, but online education reflects the true state of the family.

A senior teacher once lamented on the Internet: Online classes are a touchstone. Try it out;Online classes are like a mirror, and you can see the status quo of each family’s education.

Originally, some people think that after the children are sent to school, the grades are the teacher’s problem; Classes and grades are the parents’ task.

Online classes enable parents not to pick up and drop off, but it brings new tests to parents.

Some netizens said: “In fact, your child is the most authentic at home.”

If the child is always in trouble at home, he will be in trouble at school; Concentrate.

Only when parents guide them carefully can children develop good habits.

There is a mother on the Internet, because she is quarantined at home, she takes online classes with her daughter.

She discusses homework with her daughter, does homework together, and asks the teacher for advice in a timely manner.

When accompanying her child in class, she found that the child has many small habits, such as playing with mobile phones and not taking notes , will not reflect on the analysis and so on. Fortunately, after accompanying the child to study, she discovered these problems and guided the child to correct them in time.

Improving grades is not the primary goal, only by cultivating good study habits can benefit children for a lifetime.

Li Xue said in “When I Met Someone”: “A really good habit It cannot be cultivated by training. If there is love flowing, the child’s good habits will naturally appear without training. Behind the stubborn bad habits is the painful cry of lack of love.”

Parents’ love is a child’s most precious wealth; parental supervision helps children develop good habits.

Online courses are a fork in the road, widening the distance of learning. Only with competitiveness can we gain a firm foothold in the wave.

It’s just that children don’t understand, and temporary indulgence and slack may bring long-term regret. Only when you have had enough of the hardships of studying, will your future life be lenient.

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If you want good grades, you must be diligent

There is a saying: span>“The establishment of a great career in life is not based on knowing, but on being able to do it.”

deep thought Of course.

No matter where you are, diligence is the source of motivation for a person to keep moving forward throughout his life.

In 2020, Hubei candidate Hu Ankang was admitted to Tsinghua University, and his story was known to countless people for a while .

He was born in a rural area, and his family was so poor that he didn’t even have a mobile phone for online classes, so the teacher lent him the computer , so that he can review with peace of mind.

Because his parents are blind, they can’t help him with his studies. He can only rely on himself for everything.

Hu Ankang knows that only by studying can he have a future. Preview the lessons in advance, never miss the teacher’s class, and keep up with the teacher’s rhythm.

Later, with hard work, he scored 685 points in the college entrance examination and was finally admitted by Tsinghua University .

Success is not easy to grasp, you have to work hard to get it, and you need strong perseverance.

In 2021, a 13-year-old girl happily stayed in her hometown. Because of poor Internet at home, she had to take online classes on the top of the mountain. She has one person, one table, one chair, and the back view of a small charging lamp, which once moved the whole network.

She stayed on the top of the mountain for several hours, not afraid of the cold or complaining.

Her hard work and persistence made her grades better and better. After returning to Nantong, she took the exam First place in class.

The news spread on the Internet, and countless netizens cheered for her.

Luo Xiang said:“All the coolness is instant The real happiness of human beings is constant effort.”

Many people understand the truth , but there is a long distance between knowing and doing.

There is no corner overtaking these days, only down-to-earth efforts are the best shortcut.

Only by surviving the winter night when no one cares about it, can we welcome the flowers and leaves when spring comes ,fruitful.

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In “Han Shu·Jia Yi Biography”Say: “If a teenager is born with nature, he will get used to it.”

Many habits in life are formed at a young age; while life after growing up is determined by the previous habits.

Life cannot be repeated, education cannot be trial and error; every decision of parents has a profound impact on children .

Online classes are a mirror, showing the true nature of education, parents and the nature of the child.

Don’t forget to watch the game when your child is playing, and forget In order to guide the way, the child should not pay attention when it is time to work hard.

Life is short, don’t let your children ruin their education. To love children, from now on, be a good teacher for children and accompany them to grow together.

From now on, let us pave a smoother road with love, so that children have the opportunity to see More beautiful scenery, go to the far place he wants to go.

Author: Grass House, Love A headhunter CEO who writes, a professional manager, who loves reading and life.

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