One tael of tangerine peel and one tael of gold, tangerine peel soaked in water is “better than gold”, these 5 major effects of tangerine peel, please remember well

One ​​tael of tangerine peel and one tael of gold, soaking tangerine peel in water “beats gold”. Hello everyone, I am Dr. Qu. Everyone is familiar with tangerine peel. We use tangerine peel as a condiment to make soup or make tea directly. Do you know what tangerine peel is? Why is tangerine peel used so frequently in daily life, and what effect does it have? Dr. Qu will come to explain it to you today.

In fact, what we call tangerine peel is orange peel.Orange peel is steamed and dried nine times For storage, it is generally called orange peel if it is less than 3 years old, and it is called orange peel when it is stored for more than 5 years. So it can be seen that the longer the time, the higher the year, the better its effect and the higher its value high. So what is the effect of tangerine peel? Let’s see.

First, Expelling phlegm and relieving cough, If you often feel phlegm in your throat and can’t stop coughing, The phlegm spit out is relatively clear and thin, and the color is white. At this time, you can soak water with tangerine peel to drink. Tangerine peel is warm in nature, and it mainly enters the spleen and lung meridians. It can clear lung qi, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and dissolve phlegm in the spleen and lungs.

Second, regulating qi and reducing swelling, if you always feel bloated in your stomach, especially after eating a meal, it is very uncomfortable, you have no appetite, and there is a feeling of flatulence in the stomach, which is caused by the dysfunction of the stomach’s descending turbidity Yes, at this time, you can refer to the tangerine peel that is added to regulate qi, so as to straighten out and lower the stomach qi.

The third one, relieves tiredness and stops vomiting, always nausea and vomiting, it is aggravated after seeing greasy food, and the stomach is overwhelmed. At this time, soaking water with tangerine peel or smelling orange peel can relieve the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. This is because of the spicy fragrance of tangerine peel It can run around, refresh your mind, relieve greasy and stop vomiting.

The fourth, invigorating the spleen and drying dampness, if you often feel poor appetite, abdominal distension, loss of appetite, loose stools, sticky, and heavy limbs, this is mostly caused by spleen deficiency and dampness. Damp, remove moisture from the body.

Fifth, Need your mind and calm your mind< /strong>, if you are always thinking wildly, can’t calm down, don’t want to do anything, just do it if you don’t have the mind, then you might as well have a glass of tangerine peel water at this time, because the pungent smell of tangerine peel will make you feel refreshed, come To achieve the effect of calming the mind and tranquilizing the mind.

Well, the above are the 5 major effects of tangerine peel. You can refer to it for coughing with phlegm in the throat, flatulence, indigestion, heavy moisture, nausea and vomiting, and it has good curative effects. But one thing to pay attention to is that the sex is warm, it is not very suitable for friends with yin deficiency and internal heat, otherwise it may aggravate your symptoms. Do you understand it?