One of the historical mysteries: The Mystery of Mingsha in Dunhuang Mingsha Mountain

Singing sand is sand that makes noise. Located 6 kilometers south of Dunhuang County, Gansu Province, Mingsha Mountain is about 40 kilometers from east to west, about 20 kilometers from north to south, and is dozens of meters high. If you roll down from Mingsha Mountain, the sand will make a loud rumbling sound, like thunder. When the weather is clear, there will be the sound of silk and bamboo strings on Mingsha Mountain, like playing music. Although there have been various hypotheses, it is a mystery that has not been completely solved.

The sound of sand is a ubiquitous natural phenomenon. Long Island, Massachusetts Bay, and both sides of Wales in the United States; the Northumberland coast in the United Kingdom; Bonnholm Island in Denmark; Kolburg in Poland; the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, the Atacama Desert in Chile, Saudi Arabia Some sandy beaches and deserts make strange noises. It was found that only clean quartz sand with a diameter of 0.3 to 0.5 mm can make a sound.