On April 28, Guangxi added 1 local confirmed case and 1 local asymptomatic infection

From 04:00 to 24:00 on April 28, Guangxi added 1 local confirmed case (Beihai City) and 1 asymptomatic infection (Baise City). On the same day, 16 cases of local asymptomatic infections were released from isolation and medical observation (Fangchenggang City). As of 24:00 on April 28, there were 5 local confirmed cases (all in Baise) and 185 local asymptomatic infections (158 in Fangchenggang, 26 in Baise, and 1 in Nanning).

1 new imported confirmed case (Chongzuo City) and 32 asymptomatic infections (29 cases in Chongzuo City and 3 cases in Fangchenggang City) were added that day. 4 confirmed cases imported from abroad were cured and discharged (all in Chongzuo City), and 17 cases of asymptomatic infections imported from abroad were released from isolation medical observation (all in Chongzuo City). There are 37 imported confirmed cases (31 in Chongzuo City, 4 in Baise City, and 2 in Qinzhou City), and 137 imported asymptomatic infections (127 in Chongzuo City, 7 in Fangchenggang City, and 2 in Baise City). , 1 case in Qinzhou).

On the same day, 401 new close contacts were added, 130 close contacts were released from medical observation, and there were 3136 close contacts.

A total of 1,581 confirmed cases have been reported in the region, 1,537 cases have been cured and discharged, and 2 cases have died. There are now 42 confirmed cases under treatment.

Source: Guangxi Daily