​Old smokers are most afraid of these 5 situations, each of which is an incurable disease

1. Blood in sputum. Blood in sputum itself is not a serious problem. Some people equate this symptom with lung cancer. In fact, bleeding in all parts of the entire respiratory tract may lead to blood in sputum. However, old smokers who have blood in sputum need special attention, because the incidence of lung cancer in old smokers is higher than that of normal people, so if blood in sputum occurs, they need to go to the hospital to check chest CT.

2. Asthma occurs when climbing stairs, and normal people also get asthma when they go upstairs. This is not surprising, but old smokers should be careful if their asthma is more severe than before when climbing stairs. This may be caused by lung disease. Emphysema is manifested, and it has already affected lung function. It cannot be ruled out that it has entered the stage of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. As long as it reaches this stage, lung function cannot be reversed.

3. A cold and cough for more than 3 months every year. If an old smoker who smokes is easy to catch a cold every year, a cold will not be cured. The cough and phlegm must last for a long time, and the needle must be hung. It takes antibiotics to get better, so be careful, it may be the manifestation of chronic bronchitis.

4. The ends of the fingers become thicker. Needless to say, it has already reached the point of excessive popularization. Clubbing is one of the manifestations of lung cancer, but it is not only seen in lung cancer, bronchiectasis , Interstitial lung disease, especially idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, may have this performance, but old smokers should be careful when this phenomenon occurs.

5. If you feel pimples on your neck, most of them are swollen lymph nodes. Some of these swollen lymph nodes are caused by upper respiratory tract infections, but they may also be lung cancer. Metastasis caused, to check the lung CT.