Notice on Standardizing the Management of Motor Vehicle Inspection Institutions and Optimizing Vehicle Inspection Services

Yueshijian [2022] No. 101< /strong>

local level Listed Market Supervision Administration, Public Security Bureau, Ecological Environment Bureau, Transportation Bureau, and relevant industry organizations and inspection agencies:

Standardizing the management of motor vehicle inspection agencies and optimizing motor vehicle inspection services is a concern of the public in the field of public services Important livelihood projects. In order to further standardize the management of motor vehicle inspection agencies and better meet the people’s new expectations and requirements for motor vehicle inspection services, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

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One,< span>To fully understand the importance of standardizing the management of motor vehicle inspection agencies and optimizing vehicle inspection services

Motor vehicle inspection is an important task to ensure road traffic safety and promote the prevention and control of air pollution, which is directly related to the vital interests of the people. In recent years, the number of motor vehicle inspection agencies in our province has increased rapidly, and the competition in the inspection business is fierce. The legitimate rights and interests of the majority of motor vehicle owners also bring hidden dangers to road traffic safety. Relevant units in all localities should attach great importance to it, actively take effective measures to improve motor vehicle inspection services, and continuously improve the sense of gain and satisfaction of the people.

Second,Strengthen service awareness and improve motor vehicle inspection service quality

Motor vehicle inspection agencies shall carry out inspection services in accordance with laws and regulations, encourage and support motor vehicle inspection agencies to scientifically plan inspection sites, and equip them with necessary convenient service facilities , take effective measures to ensure that the inspection equipment meets the requirements, the employees are professional, the inspection behavior is fair, the inspection service is efficient, and the internal management is orderly. Key project” and other convenience measures. The Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, the Provincial Public Security Department, the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, and the Provincial Department of Transportation organized the compilation of the “Guidelines for the Service Specifications of Motor Vehicle Inspection Institutions” (see attachment). service quality.

3.Strengthen industry self-discipline and promote social co-governance of motor vehicle inspection

Encourage and support local motor vehicle inspection associations and other relevant industry organizations to give full play to the role of industry self-discipline, organize the formulation of industry norms or group standards, and carry out the standardization of motor vehicle inspection institutions Construction and related evaluation activities, create a good industry atmosphere of striving for excellence, guide motor vehicle inspection agencies to strengthen their own management, firmly establish law-abiding management awareness and high-quality service concepts, and promote the overall professional quality and inspection service quality of the motor vehicle inspection industry.

< span>Fourth,Strengthen classification management to ensure compliance with laws and regulations of motor vehicle inspection

Market supervision, public security, ecological environment, and transportation departments in various regions should cooperate closely, jointly carry out supervision and inspection of motor vehicle inspection agencies, and strengthen real-time video surveillance inspections and abnormal Business data analysis, research and judgment, timely early warning of violations, strict investigation and accountability, strict investigation and punishment of motor vehicle inspection violations according to law, and criminal responsibility for those that constitute crimes, promote better and standardized development of the motor vehicle inspection industry, and help promote economic and social stability and health run. The evaluation results of relevant industry organizations can be used as an important reference for regulatory authorities to implement classified supervision of motor vehicle inspection agencies.

Attachment: Motor Vehicle Inspection Agency Service Specification Guidelines.docx (attachment in the link below)

Notice on Regulating the Management of Motor Vehicle Inspection Organizations and Optimizing Vehicle Inspection Services

Source: Certification and Accreditation Supervision and Administration Office of Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration

Editor: Zhuhai Market Supervision Team

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