New car listings are available now! Jiaozhou Vehicle Administration built a one-stop fast inspection and registration channel

Reporter Liu Zhen

A few days ago, the Jiaozhou City Vehicle Management Office built a one-stop rapid inspection and registration channel for motor vehicles. It takes about 40 minutes to run a trip, and it can be completed in about 40 minutes, and it can save more than 1 million yuan in service costs for car owners every year.

November 24, The reporter learned from the Vehicle Management Office of the Jiaozhou Public Security Bureau that with the support of the Traffic Police Detachment of the Qingdao Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Vehicle Management Office of the Jiaozhou City Traffic Police Brigade in Qingdao has built a “one-stop motor vehicle rapid inspection and registration channel”, and set up a channel in the channel. The only on-site license plate production point in Qingdao. Vehicle inspection, business acceptance, license plate production and other links are all integrated into the channel, and some materials are checked online, without the need to submit paper materials, realizing the “one-stop” completion of new car listing. Car owners only need to drive with their vehicle qualification certificate, car purchase invoice, ID card and other materials and enter the channel according to the signs, and then conduct a preliminary inspection. Qualified vehicles enter the inspection channel, and unqualified vehicles will be diverted. After the inspection is completed, it is simple and fast to carry out business acceptance, meter printing and certificate making, and on-site collection of the new car license plate. The construction of the “one-stop” service model has realized the flow operation like car washing, which not only adjusts and optimizes the business process, but also greatly improves the convenience and benefit of the people.

“In the past, citizens had to make multiple trips to register a new car, which took two or three days. Now they only need to make one trip, and it takes about 40 minutes to complete the process, which greatly shortens the processing time and improves It improves work efficiency, and can save more than 1 million yuan in handling expenses for car owners every year.” The person in charge of the vehicle management office told reporters.