Myopia continues to deepen in adulthood? There are several possibilities

When I was short-sighted when I was young, my parents always said:

It will be better when you grow up, and your eyesight will be stable.

But when you grow up, you find that the degree is still deepening,

The degree of myopia will really increase Will it grow endlessly?

Generally speaking, the development of myopia will gradually stabilize with age.

Especially after adulthood, as the development of various functions gradually stabilizes, the human eye axis will stop growing, and the increase in myopia will gradually stop.

But this is only an ideal state. In fact, there are still some people whose myopia is getting worse in adulthood.

There are usually several reasons for this:

1. Progressive myopia or pathological myopia: This kind of myopia is a retinal degenerative disease and is hereditary.

The manifestations are rapid decline in vision, continuous deepening of myopia, myopia diopter >-6D (myopia is greater than 600 degrees), etc.; if the above conditions exist, you need to go to the eye hospital for examination Sure.

2. Glaucoma: Elevated intraocular pressure seriously threatens vision. If not treated in time, high intraocular pressure will compress the optic nerve, and the optic nerve will slowly atrophy, and vision will gradually disappears.

3. Wearing unsuitable glasses will also cause vision loss and increase myopia. Generally, it is mainly manifested in inaccurate optometry, resulting in glasses that are not suitable for the eyes. need. This situation also manifests itself in adults.

4. Another reason is that patients themselves do not pay much attention to myopia. Like office workers, they spend 6-8 hours a day facing the computer, and the rest time is too short. Inseparable from mobile phones, game consoles, ipads, etc.

Using the eyes for a long time can easily cause visual fatigue, and if the visual fatigue is not improved for a long time, it will lead to myopia deepening.

5. Diabetes: When the blood sugar content reaches a certain height, the sugar content in the eyeball will also increase, causing lens edema and increasing the diopter.

6. Cataract: It is also a major factor affecting vision. If there is cataract, the refractive power of the lens will increase, the degree of myopia will increase, and the vision will deteriorate.

For myopia patients, here are some suggestions:

1Regular review of both eyes

It is necessary for adult myopic patients to have an eye review every year. Fast patients should check their eyes as soon as possible and treat symptoms.

2 Targeted vision correction

Here is a reminder, if you have myopia problems and are prone to visual fatigue, Be sure to keep wearing glasses.

3 Cultivate the habit of using eyes scientifically

It is recommended to minimize close working time, and use eyes for half an hour Rest for 5 minutes.

● Light that is too dark or too bright is not conducive to visual health. You should choose a brightness that is comfortable for your eyes.

● Eat less sweets and drink less sugary drinks (to avoid reducing the elasticity of the eyeball wall to form axial myopia, etc.).