Men and women dating, 7 ways, 3 tips, let your relationship with your girlfriend heat up quickly

First, what are the common ways of dating

Dating is particular, and it depends on each girl’s personality to decide where to go on the date? What are you going to do? What are some places that are not boring but can enhance mutual affection, suitable for young men and women to talk about love together.

01 museum or art exhibition

Some girls are quiet and don’t like to go to noisy environments, so you can choose Take her to visit a museum or an art exhibition. This kind of occasion is more suitable for an elegant and quiet date. Being in it can also let the surrounding environment find many topics for you, and it can also show your taste. But the premise is that you have enough knowledge about it, otherwise when the other party discusses with you, you will be a little passive if you ask three questions.

02 to the park

The park is our common It is a good place for men and women to fall in love. Not only can you take a look at the flowers, but you can also chat while walking without making each other feel bored. If you are tired, you can find some activities to participate in, take the initiative to ask the woman for her opinion, and make choices according to her preferences.

At this time, the man can be more generous, see a small supermarket, take the initiative Go buy water and drinks for your girlfriend, don’t just walk and talk, but catch the other person’s eyes and attention from small details.

03 Watch shows and games

Some women like lively and exciting projects. If possible, they can watch a sports game, cultural performance or celebrity performance with their girlfriends. During watching, you can express your own opinions and attract your girlfriend to resonate with you at the same frequency, which can deepen your impression of you. Fully mobilize her enthusiasm, and dating in the future will go smoothly.

04 dinner

Now talk to girlfriend In love, eating is a very common thing. Some girls like street food and kebabs, some like to eat in clean and elegant restaurants, and some like to go to romantic western restaurants to enjoy the style and atmosphere there. Serve. No matter which one it is, in the process of enjoying the city scenery while eating, remember her eating habits, take care of the other person’s stomach more, and increase her goodwill.

< span class="data-color--tt-darkmode-c1c1c1">05 Playground

There are many people in the playground, which is easy to generate excitement and mobilize the interest of playing. Playing these items in an open place will easily cause people’s bodies to collide. If the woman screams , When she is afraid, the man can take the initiative to hold her hand and give her courage and encouragement. This kind of scene and atmosphere is the most contagious.

06 Dancing

< p data-track="15">For girls who like to dance, whether it is cheerful or lyrical music, it can mobilize every cell in the body, Appreciate each other’s dancing posture while dancing lightly, and dance with your rhythm to show a beautiful taste. Physical contact, flowing brilliance in the eyes, and the flashing lights can shorten the distance between each other and eliminate the barriers between the two parties. Remember a song At the end, say your compliments at the right time. Words, so that the other party has the interest to continue dancing with you.

07 Sing

Now there are many KTVs in various places, and young people like to go to such places for entertainment. Listening to the other party’s voice can also express your heartfelt feelings with beautiful songs. You can sing a song with the other party, or you can invite some good friends to let everyone cheer for you. Let your girlfriend get to know you better by reaching out to your friends.

Second, pay attention to the sense of proportion when dating

Men and women have not been in love for a long time, so remember not to have frivolous behaviors that arouse the other party’s disgust. Some girls are introverted and conservative, and like to increase mutual affection by getting to know each other better. If you feel that the other party is alienated from you, you have to adjust your words, deeds and steps appropriately. Chasing girls is also a matter of people.

In the process of love, women are very sensitive to “property”. In the initial stage of contact, she is on guard against you and does not allow you to exceed the degree of intimacy in her mind. We can feel it from walking, there is a sense of distance between you and you, this is the boundary she has set for men.

01 Physical touch

passed When you are on the road, you have to remind her at the right time, you can gently touch her back with your hand, and then let go. You can also gently hold her hand when crossing the road. If she doesn’t refuse, it proves that your behavior has won her favor, and she will understand your care and protection. Although it is just a light pull of the fingers, the shock brought by the fingertips can reach people’s heart. At this time, you can let go of her hand after crossing the road, so that the other party will be relieved from your sense of “property”, so that you can rest assured and You associate.

02 Do not look frivolous

Pay special attention, before you have won the girl’s favor, don’t linger too much on her body, use open eyes to stare at a certain part of the girl, it is easy to annoy the other party , making her angry, frivolous eyes can best reveal a person’s inner.

If you really like the other person, you should use gentle eyes to communicate with the other person no matter what you talk or look at. When you see a girl bowing her head shyly, you should retract your gaze and use words to divert her timidity. Don’t be self-righteous and boastful 。

03 Eating skills

When in a relationship, the man should take the initiative to invite the girl to dinner, let the woman decide the menu, and give the other party full respect.

Don’t talk about your eating habits in front of your girlfriend. Geographical differences, take the initiative to ask the other party what they like to eat, and do not make loud noises when eating and drinking soup. Some boys do not pay attention and are used to making sucking noises when drinking soup, which is very disgusting. In particular, don’t just worry about drinking soup and forget whether your girlfriend is eating comfortably, which will affect the mood of the other party.

Don’t force each other to drink on the first date, if you bring your girlfriend to some drinking parties , pay more attention to your own words, deeds and alcohol, don’t get excited and drink with your friends, so as to neglect your girlfriend’s sense of existence and make her keep you at a respectful distance.