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The first time I learned about the unforgettable family was on TV. I remember seeing the enthusiasm of my grandparents for work and their optimistic attitude towards life at the dinner table, which deeply touched me. Last semester, I was also fortunate to participate in the escort work in the restaurant, and got to know these hardworking grandparents up close. Whenever friends ask about my volunteer work, I can proudly tell them that we can’t forget the restaurant. While working in the restaurant, I found that grandparents like to chat with us, although they will ask us the same question again next time we meet; they also like every customer in the restaurant, and they will be wrong because of their own I am annoyed when I get the dish, and then I will recite the table number so that I will not forget it. Although because of the force majeure of dementia, grandparents can easily forget some things. But they didn’t back down like this, and that also deeply affected me, being healed by these kind and lovely old people. Although the work of the restaurant has been suspended for a period of time due to the epidemic, it cannot stop our eagerness to meet each other.

Thanks to modern technology, with the help of their families, the elderly have learned to communicate online through online meetings, video calls, etc. Volunteers and grandparents regularly meet online and accompany them from a distance become possible. You can “meet” often.

My name is Xu Wanye. I am a second-year nursing student at Shanghai Health Medical College. My recent online companions are Grandpa Xiaomin and Grandma Caiping.

“As long as I can walk, I must travel all over the beautiful rivers and mountains of the motherland”

——Grandpa Hyomin

I still remember that the first time I went to the restaurant was to take a class with Grandpa Hyomin. At that time, I thought Grandpa was a little shy and an introverted old man. On the Internet, I discovered the humorous and talkative side of my grandfather. Especially when talking about cars, the light in Grandpa’s eyes seemed to let me see Grandpa’s high-spirited look when he was young. From learning to drive and talking to driving and traveling, grandpa seemed to have opened a chat box and shared with us the beautiful scenery he saw during the trip. For the life after the epidemic, grandpa is not idle either. After dinner, he often goes for a walk with grandma to get some air. Recently, the family took time to travel together. Grandpa’s optimistic attitude and chatty appearance when chatting made us feel a lot more relieved.

“I will use the residual heat to illuminate everyone around me”

——Grandma Caiping

When I was working in the restaurant, Grandma Caiping was the one who shared the most shifts with me in the restaurant. Before I got connected, I was worried that my grandma had forgotten about me. Unexpectedly, as soon as my grandma saw me, she said: “Xiao Xu, you are here too, I still remember you, you are the little girl with a dimple when she smiles.” At that moment, I suddenly felt that being remembered is really a very happy thing. During the connection, my grandma also showed us her lovely home, which was filled with bits and pieces of grandma participating in the show, working in the restaurant, and being interviewed.

Grandma Caiping has a notepad filled with the names of classmates who work in the restaurant with her every time. Grandma has been trying to remember the names of our little volunteers, she always said to others: “These volunteers are beautiful and kind, our college students are really good!”. Grandma said that she signed up for community volunteers during the epidemic and gave full play to her residual heat, which inspired each of our student volunteers to help others. I hope that when we enter old age, we can still live up to the motherland, not forget our original aspirations, and do our best to do our part.

The sudden onset of the epidemic may disrupt the pace of life of many people, and the suspension of restaurants has affected everyone. But the friends of our “Unforgettable True Love” Volunteer Team will think of more ways to keep company, we are always there, and true love is always there.

Unit: School of Nursing and Health Management, Shanghai Health Medical College

Authors: Xu Wanye, Tao Chenxin

Instructor: Xu Ting