May you be well this autumn

The sweltering summer is over, everyone likes the cool; it is not late autumn, so there is no need to be sad; the greenness will fade, The grass and trees will be yellow but not yellow, accompanied by bright but not poisonous sunlight, taste the most pleasant nature.

This season is most suitable for reading Tang poetry and Song poetry in the afternoon, a cup of flower tea, a plate of snacks, and a half-day leisure.

Some people say that autumn is lonely, and some people say that autumn is indifferent, so what does autumn look like in the eyes of poets?

Autumn is magnificent, vast and full of hope.

“Qinyuan Spring·Changsha”

Modern·Mao Zedong

Independent Cold Autumn, Xiangjiang River goes north, oranges continent head.

Seeing that the mountains are red and the forests are dyed;

The eagle strikes the sky, the fish soars to the shallow bottom,

All kinds of frost and sky compete for freedom.

Depressed, I ask the vast land, who controls the ups and downs?

Bring a hundred lovers to Zengyou,

Reminiscence of the old days.

Cha is a young student and is in full bloom;

The book business is full of enthusiasm and scolded Fang Qiu.

Instructing the country and promoting the text,

The dung was once a thousand households.

Have you ever remembered, hit the water in the middle, the waves stop the boat?

Although Chairman Mao’s poem is written in the cold autumn, it does not have a sense of bleakness, but has a majestic, broad and magnificent sublime beauty.

In the poem, it seems that there is arrogance to burst out, and all the words of scenery are love words, which shows the mind and ambition of the poet.

“Ask the vast land, who controls the ups and downs”, the poet believes that he must leave a rich and colorful stroke in history, and reading it makes people emotional. And that’s exactly what happened.

As long as the grass and trees are in the autumn, and the size is old, it should be vigorous, and the army will be half a lifetime.

  Autumn is short, grasp the moment and move forward .

“One Leaf Falls”

Tang·Bai Juyi

The troubled summer depression has not receded, and the coolness Dive up.

Cold temperature and ups and downs are phased in and out.

Xiao Xiaoqiu, under the forest, a leaf suddenly became the first commissioner.

Don’t say a little shake, shake it from the beginning.

The heat of summer has not yet subsided, and the meaning of coldness has quietly emerged. The cold and the heat alternated, and in the autumn woods, a leaf fell gently.

You know autumn when a leaf falls. Time is fleeting, and age is easy to grow old, so there is no need to hurt the spring and the autumn.

Youth is worth remembering, but we should seize the moment, turn all kinds of emotions into motivation, and welcome autumn with enthusiasm!

   Autumn, yes At ease, leisurely, enjoy the scenery without disturbing yourself.

《Autumn Cool and Late Steps》

Song·Yang Wanli

The autumn weather is sad but not inevitable, the light and cold are just right It’s lovely.

The green pond is full of red mushrooms, but the lotus leaves still open the smallest money.

The autumn wind is sassy and the autumn rain is bleak, everything seems so desolate and deserted, but autumn does not mean sadness.

Although the red lotus in the green pond has fallen, new leaves the size of copper coins are still growing. In fact, hope is everywhere.

Zhang Xiaoxian said:

All the deep feelings are made up of many small moments one after another, like a string of small light bulbs lit up with dim light, quietly. Prostrate at your feet, illuminating the shadow of our mutual support and companionship.

At that time, it was only ordinary, until one day, when the lights were dimmed, we realized what a blessing those ordinary days were.

  Autumn is beautiful, if you are optimistic, the sun will come naturally.

“Autumn Poems”

Tang·Liu Yuxi

Since ancient times, autumn has been sad and lonely, and I say autumn is better Spring Dynasty.

When the sky is clear, a crane platoons the clouds, and poetry is brought to the sky.

Who said autumn thoughts must be sad? Who said that the pride and grandeur of autumn must be sad?

Looking at the world with a calm heart, walking between heaven and earth, there is beauty everywhere.

Abandon the worries of autumn and be an optimistic and calm person. If you laugh at life, life will naturally not give you a sad face.

   Autumn is a year of longing, a thought of the autumn wind, and a long year of autumn thoughts.

《Autumn Thought》

Tang·Zhang Ji

Seeing the autumn wind in Luoyang city, I want the writer to write a lot.

Fear that I can’t say enough in a hurry, pedestrians come to It was released and opened again.

It’s another year of autumn wind, and the autumn wind blows away the home letters of the wandering children.

I feel so homesick that I don’t know how to write letters.

When I write, I can wait for the letter to be written, but I am worried that it will not convey the meaning, so I open it and read it again, and then give it to the messenger.

Spring and autumn come, the years are passing, and the wanderer is hurt and wandering.

Recalling my childhood, three rafters in thatched huts, one tree with old plum trees, tall branches chirping birds, and small rivers swimming fish. >

  Autumn is cool, a new pillow and a fan of wind.

The Beginning of Autumn

Southern Song Dynasty·Liu Han

The milk crows sing and the jade screen is empty, a pillow and a cool fan.

When I fall asleep, there is no place to find the sound of autumn, and the full-scale phoenix trees are in the moonlight.

On the night of the beginning of autumn, the little crows who are not yet juveniles sing in the jade screen-like night sky, jade pillows It’s already cool, and the autumn wind is picking up.

Wake up in the middle of the night and feel that the sound of autumn is nowhere to be found, and the sparse shadows of the full-scale parasol trees are shrouded in the bright moonlight.

Weather It’s getting colder, send warm blessings to friends far away. The sky can be cold, but the heart is not cold.

And from today onwards, I will cherish the time of autumn and give it to us People who care.