Many women ignore these cold knowledge about menstrual period!

Recently, sanitary napkins have been on the hot search. A female netizen said that during the high-speed rail ride, her menstrual period was ahead of schedule, but she could not buy sanitary napkins on the high-speed rail. In the end, she could only resolve the crisis with the help of the flight attendants. .

Is it necessary to sell sanitary napkins on high-speed rail? The reason is that many women’s menstrual periods come without warning, and sometimes advance, sometimes delay, and are more likely to disappear for 1 or 2 months. The situation of the menstrual period cannot be predicted in advance, so how should we deal with it?


The annoying panty assassin

Many people believe that menstrual periods are fixed and women should bring their own sanitary pads, but is it really that simple?

“2019 China Women’s Health Annual Report” shows that 46% of women have irregular menstruation problems, and more than 30% of women have abnormal menstrual flow problems.

There are many factors that affect normal menstrual period:


Many people think that the menstrual period will not come after pregnancy, but in fact, a small number of people have low progesterone secretion levels in the first trimester, or the implantation of fertilized eggs is unstable There will be short-term and a small amount of menstrual symptoms, which generally disappear completely after 3 months.

In addition, some pregnant mothers experience vaginal bleeding during the first trimester, which is very similar to the symptoms of the menstrual period. Therefore, it is not that you do not need to consider the needs of the physiological period when you are pregnant.

Drug-related side effects

Side effects of medicines can also cause menopause. Not taking contraceptives as prescribed by a doctor may lead to endocrine disorders and delay menstruation. According to the patient’s report, the new generation of gastric motility drug morphine, also known as domperidone, may also cause delayed menstruation.

Stress affects endocrine

Long-term stress will inhibit the function of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, so that the ovaries will no longer secrete female hormones and will not ovulate, and the menstrual period will begin to be disordered. Similarly, long-term psychological depression, insomnia, sullenness or poor mood will also affect the frequency of menstrual periods.

Diet to lose weight

Diet to lose weight or eat too little fat, which will also reduce the secretion of estrogen in the body in the long run, which is more likely to delay the menstrual period or even stop menstruation.

Disease, surgery, emotions, living habits, overwork and other reasons may lead to disorders of the menstrual period, and some people have natural physical reasons, so the menstrual period is unpredictable, Difficult to control, this is a headache for all women.


Lifetime Tips

Then why don’t you keep your own sanitary pads? Many people have such doubts, including some women.

In fact, the single piece of sanitary napkin after unpacking is not airtight, and is easily contaminated by bacteria due to moisture. It cannot be stored in an airtight and humid environment for a long time. Regular sanitary napkins are not suitable.

There are many similar cold knowledge about menstrual period:

Wash hands before using tampon

Many people have the habit of washing their hands after going to the toilet, but it should be noted that during the menstrual period, it is necessary to wash their hands before and after going to the toilet to prevent the bacteria on the hands from contaminating the sanitary napkin.

Change sanitary pads frequently

It is recommended to change sanitary pads every 2 hours, except at night. Because the blood is easy to breed bacteria, causing infection and vulvar discomfort.

Tub or shower?

A shower should be used instead of a bath during menstruation. Showering can prevent bacterial infection from ascending and causing endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc.

Eating habits

It is not advisable to eat cold and spicy food, alcohol, strong tea and coffee. Pay attention to a balanced diet, reasonable collocation, and rich nutrition.

The choice of sanitary napkins

Try to choose sanitary napkins produced by regular manufacturers, pay attention to the shelf life when choosing sanitary napkins; avoid choosing scented and medicinal sanitary napkins, and avoid itching and discomfort due to physical reasons for some people .


How to reassure women?

Women’s menstrual periods are difficult to control and unpredictable. If you encounter a “underpants assassin” when you go out and suddenly “undertook a plot”, it is definitely not something that can be solved by forbearance.

At present, in many restaurants, cinemas, entertainment venues, subways and many other public places, sanitary napkin vending machines are placed in the toilets; or free love services are provided, you can contact the service desk to get them for free .

Social public services are becoming more refined and humanized. If women’s basic necessities are gradually popularized in public transportation to prevent emergencies, women will be more at ease.