Lying still, abstinence, and nourishing the kidneys are not good for the kidneys at all! Don’t go too far on the wrong path of “protecting the kidneys”

At present, the prevalence of chronic kidney disease in the general population of the world is as high as 14.3%. As high as 10.8%, that is, about 1 in 10 people have kidney disease.

As more and more people pay attention to kidney disease, many wrong kidney protection methods are widely spread on various online platforms.

Today, Kidney Online will interpret the common misunderstandings of protecting kidneys, hoping to help everyone get out of the misunderstandings of nourishing and protecting kidneys, and treat kidney diseases correctly and scientifically.

Three ways to protect the kidneys from the Internet:Stay still, abstinence and nourish the kidneys In fact, none of them can really protect the kidneys, and these actions may also cause damage to your body.


Always lie still and feel good ?

Let’s talk about lying down first. It is common sense for everyone to take a good rest when you are sick. When seeing a doctor, the doctor will also comfort the patient and say: take a good rest. But in fact, nephrologists often say rest ≠ lying down. If the kidney is not good, it is necessary to rest. This statement is only half right: in some acute attacks of kidney disease, we really should not exercise too much, but in the stable period of the disease, we should not lie down all the time. Moved. nephropathyasomeacute exacerbation, patients will develop severe hypertension, severe proteinuria, high degree of edema, heart failure, in these conditions uncontrolled Before stabilization, it was difficult for kidney friends to run, jump, and jump like ordinary people, and physical strength was not allowed. Therefore, in these stages, our kidney friends are mainly resting, but they are not completely bedridden. Because lying still is easy to grow blood clots, although it is not suitable for exercise in the acute phase, you should get up and move around every hour to prevent blood clots from forming. When kidney disease is relatively stable, people with kidney disease should consciously insist on exercising. Let’s take a look at the dangers of prolonged inactivity. The study found that when there is less physical exercise, the kidneys will gradually suffer from muscle damage and decrease; the body function is limited, and the patient manifests as fatigue, fatigue, slow movement, and physical strength. Insufficient, cardiopulmonary function declines, and resistance decreases, which puts kidney disease patients at a higher risk of death or the possibility of dialysis.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of sticking to exercise.

Exercise may improve kidney disease outcomes “Prescription Drugs”. A large number of studies have shown that increasing the level of physical activity plays a very important role in improving the quality of life and prolonging the life of kidney patients, whether it is for ordinary kidney patients or those who have undergone dialysis or kidney transplantation. Exercise not only delays the progression of kidney disease, but also improves cardiovascular function, improves inflammation in the body, improves anxiety and depression, and promotes sleep quality.

In order to minimize sports injuries, kidney patients need to pay special attention to the correct way of exercise:

< span>The following measures can help you reduce sports injuries

1. Pay attention to the environment : Avoid exercising in a high temperature environment

2. When you are not feeling well, don’t fight hard strong>: When you are suffering from a cold, fever, diarrhea, staying up late and other physical discomforts, you can suspend not exercising

< span>3. Stop exercising at any time when discomfort occurs during exercise: Severe chest tightness, shortness of breath, headache, dizziness, whole body after exercise Fatigue, stop at any time

4. Step by step, do what you can: everyone see The news may have also heard that some white-collar workers who don’t usually exercise a lot suddenly followed Liu Genghong for 2 hours a day, or for 1 hour on a spinning bike. The result was severe muscle pain, soy-colored urine, and rhabdomyolysis within a few days. This situation is more common in normal inactivity, sudden excessive exercise intensity leads to muscle dissolution, acute kidney injury. Therefore, exercise must pay attention to step by step, slowly. Especially for kidney patients with renal failure and dialysis, due to the many complications of renal disease, it is recommended to start with low-intensity exercise and gradually increase the amount of exercise to medium-intensity.

5. Warm up before exercise and cool down after exercise: stretch and warm up before exercise After ten to twenty minutes, start exercising and relax after exercising.

Some kidney patients are very worried about the increased urinary protein excretion after exercise, and many studies have explained this, Exercise may increase the transient excretion of proteinuria without adverse effects on the kidneys.

The recommended exercise intensity for patients with kidney disease ismoderate exercise intensity, Kidney friends with good physical strength can also achieve medium to high intensity. Moderate intensity means feeling more tired, but not exhausted and not overwhelmed (usually thisThe same amount of exercise is that you can still talk and communicate, but have no energy to sing).

Younger people have better endurance. In terms of exercise, they can choose jogging, cycling, swimming (except for those with peritoneal dialysis kidneys), ball games and other sports; while the elderly, And those with kidneys with low exercise tolerance can choose milder forms of exercise such as walking, Tai Chi, and Baduanjin.

In the early stage of exercise, start 2~3 times a week; gradually increase to 3~5 times, 30~90 minutes each time, and accumulate more than 150 minutes of exercise per week. According to your own situation, exercise slowly and persistently.


Seven emotions and six desires are human nature

Sex life has little to do with kidney disease. People with kidney disease can have sex as well.

Abstinence or abstinence is a free choice of individuals, but we must be clear: Abstinence itself has no meaning for the recovery of kidney disease .

No reliable doctor or research will tell you that normal sexual activity can damage kidney function. Likewise, no reputable doctor or research will tell you that long-term abstinence is beneficial for improving the prognosis of kidney disease.

Not only is abstinence meaningless for kidney disease, but some patients because influenced by traditional concepts, they suppress themselves for a long time, causing discomfort and emotions to the body stress, anxiety, irritability, and even depression, which are very detrimental to the control of kidney disease.

A correct concept of disease and a positive and optimistic attitude are the magic weapon for harmonious coexistence with chronic diseases.

Of course, pay attention to the aggravation of kidney disease is related to overwork and urinary tract infection, so you should also pay attention to your sex life: don’t squeeze your rest time , Uncontrolled overindulgence may make you feel exhausted, so it is better to do everything in moderation, pay attention to maintaining cleanliness and avoid risky sexual behaviors.


The principle of streamlining medication

In order to be good for the kidneys, many people will seek various secret recipes, take kidney-tonifying medicines indiscriminately, and always hope that the kidney disease will be cured quickly.

It must be noted that the more medicine you take, the better, especially for patients with liver and kidney disease, it is very important to simplify the medicine. A good nephrologist also often considers for patients: how to help patients reduce current inappropriate and unnecessary drugs.

If you really need to recuperate your body, you must go to a regular Chinese medicine hospital, and Inform the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine that you have kidney disease. Don’t try it casually, go eat some home remedies, earthwork, etc.! Because you don’t know if there will be drugs in it that can worsen kidney damage.

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