Lung cancer is coming, fingers know? There are 4 kinds of abnormalities in the body, which may be early warning of lung cancer

Ms. Zhang is an anchor of an e-commerce company in Shenzhen. Due to the late live broadcast time, she can’t get home until 2 or 3 in the morning every night. In the past six months, Ms. Zhang found that her fingers were getting thicker and thicker. At first, she thought it was because of the edema caused by staying up late on the live broadcast. Register for consultation.

Doctors found Ms. Zhangswollen ends of her fingers, clubbing, mostly seen in lung disease. Moreover, Ms. Zhang also had symptoms such as cough and fever recently, which was presumed to be a lung problem. She asked Ms. Zhang to perform a CT examination. Sure enough, a tumor of about 4 or 5 cm was found in her lung, which was further diagnosed and evaluated as lung cancer.

First, the fingers are inexplicably swollen, beware of these diseases

Swelling of fingers is also a manifestation of physical diseases. When you find that your fingers are getting “thick” and accompanied by some abnormal symptoms, you should be alert to the following diseases:

1. Pulmonary disease

Club finger, that is, the ends of the fingers or toes are obviously widened and thickened, and the nails are raised from the root to the end. It looks like a drumstick. Relevant data show that among the diseases related to clubbing, cardiopulmonary diseases account for 90%-95%, and among lung cancer patients, 1.6%-9.4% will have clubbing manifestations. , Like Ms. Zhang’s fingers in the case, her fingers were slowly swollen.

Why does lung cancer cause clubbing?

When tumors grow in the lungs, the transformation process of megakaryocytes is affected. Because they cannot be converted into platelets normally, they will accumulate in the peripheral circulation and release a A substance called “platelet-derived growth factor”, which can irritate the tissue in the distal end of the finger and form a “clubbing”.

2, arthritis

The swelling of the fingers may also be caused by arthritis. Due to the wear and tear of the buffer tissue at the end of the joint, the swelling of the bone and joint is accompanied by pain and stiffness.

3. Lymphedema

The typical feature of lymphedema is swelling of the limbs. The lymphatic fluid’s inability to remove wastes and pathogens carried by the body from the body can cause swelling of the fingers and toes.

4. Gout

During an acute attack of gout, the patient will Redness, swelling, heat, severe pain and other manifestations appear in the ankles and joints, usually in the middle of the night, which will affect the quality of sleep.

5, phalangeal tuberculosis

phalangeal tuberculosis is a type of bone tuberculosis and is a manifestation of extrapulmonary tuberculosis. Invading the phalanx, or interphalangeal joints and other tissues cause destructive lesions. In the early stage, there is slight local swelling, and in the later stage, the swelling is obvious, and the pain is aggravated. In severe cases, finger deformity may occur, and bone necrosis may also occur.

Second, there are these manifestations of lung cancer, none of which can be ignored

The clubbing is one of the typical manifestations of lung cancer, except for the changes in the fingers , the following symptoms are common in patients with lung cancer:

1. > More than half of lung cancer patients have obvious cough at the time of diagnosis. Because the symptoms are similar to colds or inflammatory lesions, they are often misdiagnosed in the early stage.

2. Difficulty breathing

When the tumor is located in the airway and compresses the main airway, It prevents the respiratory system from working properly and can cause difficulty breathing.

3, coughing up blood, bloody phlegm

About 25%-40% of lung cancer patients will have hemoptysis, usually with blood in the sputum. Bloody sputum is also a suggestive symptom of lung cancer.

4. Fever

tumor tissue necrosis, which can cause fever in patients. of secondary pneumonia can also lead to the performance of patients with fever.

It is the right time to nourish the lungs during the three and three seasons, and do a good job of keeping them away from lung cancer

Mid-July to mid-August is the dog days, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine , The response of summer qi is the way to nourish longevity. The yang qi of the dog days is strong. At this time, the body is loose, and the meridians and collaterals are circulated, which is very suitable for nourishing the lungs. So what exactly is to be done at this stage?

1. Keep away from harmful gases

The lungs are our breathing mechanism, improving the atmosphereEnvironment, haze environment is very important. Home decoration materials, household oil fume, gas burning coal, first-hand smoke, second-hand smoke, etc. may release a large amount of toxic gases, and inhaling these gases can directly affect our lung health.

2. Keep exercising

Exercise is the best health booster. Walking, walking, badminton, Tai Chi, etc. can increase lung capacity and improve our lung function. Chinese medicine fitness recommends Baduanjin, which regulates the spleen and stomach and stimulates the lungs through the action of expanding the chest and expanding the lungs.

3. Pay attention to the temperature

The lungs are canopies, the lungs are delicate, and the shape is cold Injury to the lungs. The lungs are more sensitive to the external temperature, so it is necessary to avoid external pathogens such as wind, cold, summer, dampness, dryness and fire. Therefore, do not blow the air conditioner directly in summer, and keep your body warm in winter.

4. Balanced nutrition

Cold drinks hurt the lungs, and high blood sugar and high blood lipids also It also affects lung function. It is recommended to use cooking methods such as cooking and stewing, frying less, and pursuing nutritional balance. Do not eat too much high-protein, high-fat, high-calorie, and low-fiber foods.

It is all about perseverance to keep healthy and nourish the lungs, choose the way that suits you, and exercise repeatedly. It can prevent lung diseases and achieve the purpose of nourishing the lungs and preventing cancer. If you notice any abnormality in your body, seek medical attention immediately. #Number Weekly#


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