Long-term smokers, how to measure the condition of their lungs? Try These 4 Self-Assessment Exercises

It has always been said that “smoking is harmful to health”, but the number of smokers has only increased, and the harm caused by smoking is also not less.

Especially for lung cancer, compared with environmental factors, occupational exposure, insufficient intake of green vegetables, chronic respiratory diseases, genetic factors, etc., smoking is still the most important carcinogenic factor, and 90% of lung cancer patients are caused by smoking.

Data show that long-term smokers are 10-20 times more likely to develop lung cancer than non-smokers.

Especially those who have a smoking history of more than 20 years, who started smoking before the age of 20, and who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day, as long as there is one, they are very likely to develop lung cancer.

Among the hundreds of millions of smokers in my country, the number of female and minor smokers is increasing year by year, leading to an increase in the incidence of lung cancer in women, middle-aged and young people.

Long-term smokers, through 4 tests, test whether your lung capacity is diseased

First, blow out the candle

Exhale while blowing out the candle. This action is also suitable for measuring vital capacity.

People need to light a candle about half a meter away from themselves, take a deep breath and blow it out. If the candle can be blown out smoothly, it means that the lung capacity is good and the lungs are healthy.

If the candle cannot be blown out, you can get closer. If the candle still cannot be blown out, it means that the lung function is abnormal. At this time, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a lung examination to understand the specific situation of the lung function.

Second, exercise laboratory

People who smoke for a long time can learn about their lung function through exercise. After exercise, patients need to use instruments to test their pulse and heartbeat.

If the heart rate reaches 110~160 beats per minute, after 4 minutes of rest, the heart rate returns to normal, which means that the lung function is normal and the body is healthy.

If the heartbeat and pulse are abnormal after 6 minutes of rest, it means that the lung function is very poor, and severe breathing difficulties will occur.

Third, breath-holding experiment

For For people who learn to swim, they will often touch the water to hold their breath.

Generally, the lung function is good and can last for 40-60 seconds. People with low lung function can only last for more than 20 seconds. Therefore, men hold their breath for less than 20 seconds, indicating poor lung function.

Fourth, climbing stairs

Many people can use this action to understand the cardiopulmonary function of smokers. Generally, men over 45 years old can take normal The walking speed climbed to the 3rd floor, and the breathing was normal in the middle, which did not affect the physical condition.

If there are symptoms of shortness of breath and chest tightness, it means that the male’s cardiopulmonary function is not good, and it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination immediately, so as to eliminate the harmfulness of the disease.

The above introduces the 4 self-test actions of long-term smoking men. In fact, if the body Problems can also be judged based on their own performance.

1. Chest pain and tightness

Chest tightness, chest pain and dyspnea are common symptoms of lung cancer caused by long-term smoking. The airway may be blocked to a certain extent, and the lungs cannot get enough ventilation, and symptoms of chest pain and chest tightness will occur.

Therefore, people who smoke for a long time should be alert to the risk of lung cancer if they have symptoms such as chest pain and chest tightness.

2. Continuous cough

Cough is one of the typical manifestations of lung abnormalities, usually dry cough, no sputum or a small amount of white saliva. Because there are too many toxins in the lungs, they cannot be metabolized through normal channels, and coughing is an important way to eliminate toxins in the body.

And when smoking, the lungs will be poisoned again, and it is easier to cough when smoking. At this time, it is recommended for smokers to reduce smoking. It is best to quit smoking, otherwise the probability of developing lung cancer in the later stage is as high as 75%. above.

For the health of yourself and your family, it is necessary to quit smoking immediately and make sure before quitting smoking the right solution.

For example, when you particularly want to smoke, you can take a deep breath or take a cold shower to eliminate the craving, and you can also divert your attention and stay away from smoking places by drinking water, brushing your teeth, extending your limbs, or communicating with others.

Maybe someone needs to cite the many examples of people who smoke but don’t get cancer.

But statistics tell us that there are far more cases of people who smoke and develop lung cancer, but most of you don’t know it or choose to ignore it.

But fortunately, after years of hard work by countless people, human beings may have made some achievements.

According to the 2019 U.S. Cancer Statistics Report, With the gradual reduction in smoking and advances in early cancer diagnosis and treatment, the overall cancer mortality rate in the United States decreased by 27% in 25 years between 1991-2016 /strong>.

Equivalent to about 2.6 million fewer cancer deaths.

This 2.6 million is not just a number, it is a husband, a wife, a lover, or a child…

It is a living life.