Liver cyst will turn into cancer, need treatment to avoid future troubles? The truth is not terrible

With the enhancement of people’s health awareness, experience has become a standard for health, and every year I have spare money to make time to do it.

As a result, a lot of unsymptomatic and obscure problems are well known, and it has become a heart disease of many people, and liver cyst is one of them.

The reason is also very simple, just because of the word “swollen”, it is easy to think of a tumor, and it is suspected that it will turn into cancer.

Howeverthe truth is far from what everyone imagines.

Cysts are blisters on the liver

Liver cysts are all vesicular lesions that grow on the liver.

These “blisters” vary in size and can grow anywhere on the liver, and a few “blisters” contain clear, sterile fluid.

Liver cysts are generally hereditary. Most liver cysts are good people who keep their own feet and stay in a “static” state for a long time: No growth, no rupture, no bleeding, no Infection, no malignant transformation…

If it is not found in the imaging examination, it will not attract your attention at all.

Acquired cysts may be caused by parasites, local trauma, inflammation and other reasons.

But in any case, liver cysts, a benign disease, are completely different from tumors. Just because of the word “swollen” should not be taken for granted that they are related.

Type 4 special cysts deserve special treatment

But even if a liver cyst is benign, it is a disease after all, and it cannot be completely ignored.

Once the following four conditions occur, special treatment is required.

1. Huge hepatic cyst

Huge hepatic cyst refers to a cyst with a diameter of more than 10 cm.

If the cyst is too large, it will compress the liver and surrounding organs, resulting in unpleasant symptoms affecting normal life, and should go to the hospital for treatment.

The method of treatment is also very direct, just like we treat blisters on the skin, get out the “pus” in the bubbles:

First, liver puncture to extract fluid, Guided by ultrasound, the fluid in the cyst is drawn out with a fine needle, and then alcohol or sclerosing agent is injected to prevent the cyst from growing; After the cyst fluid is removed, most or all of the free cyst wall is excised, as if the roof were peeled off.

2. Cyst infection

Infection can cause obvious symptoms, such as pain, fever, increased white blood cells and other inflammation.

Anti-infective treatment is required at this time.

3. Cyst hemorrhage

Cyst hemorrhage can be large or small, and it is more common in the elderly.

Some patients have no obvious symptoms, while others have severe liver pain. If conservative treatment fails, surgery should be performed.

4. Cyst torsion

When a pendulous hepatic cyst is torsioned, the patient will experience severe abdominal pain, and surgery may be the only treatment.

But this is very rare, and patients with liver cysts should not be too nervous.

Liver cysts are a must.

just now It has been said that a small number of liver cysts may cause harm, so patients are unavoidable about them in daily life. Pay particular attention to the following points.

1. Eat a healthy diet

Foods high in oil, fat, and sugar will put an unnecessary burden on the liver.

So the daily diet is best to be light, eat more vegetables and fruits, and reduce the burden on the liver.

2. Quit smoking and drinking

Tobacco and alcohol are harmful to the liver, especially alcohol, which has become the second leading cause of liver damage in my country. If a liver cyst develops, alcohol can promote cyst growth.

3. Do not take drugs indiscriminately

Many drugs may cause liver damage and should not be taken indiscriminately, such as antibiotics, painkillers, contraceptives, Glucose and lipid-lowering drugs, etc.

4. Regular physical examination

If a liver cyst is found or there is a history of liver disease in the family, regular physical examination is recommended, usually once every six months or a year Ultrasound to observe whether liver cysts appear, or whether there are changes.