Liu Bowen predicted: Yingzong’s “Civil Change”


Liu Bowen said: “The northern Hulu remnants are dead, and the emperor conquered Taiping himself. Miscalculation heroes dare not remonstrate, living beings cover up the Lord’s shock. The country has suppressed Ruiyun for seven years. The barbarians dare not harm the virtuous. Send the golden dragon to restore the old days. Clouds open, the sun and the moon shine on the frontier.”

The northern Mongols and Tatars were infested, and Cheng Zu knew that this was a serious threat.

Because of the retreat of the Yuan Dynasty, they often committed crimes in the south, killing the lives of the Han people. In the eighth year of Yongle, that is, in 1410 A.D., Emperor Chengzu of the Ming Dynasty began five expeditions to the north in person. The Tatars went far away, and their forces were gradually annexed by Chief Wacha.

When it came to the son of Tuo Huan, he first conquered the east and the west, merged Wuliangha and Jurchen, threatened North Korea, broke Hami in the west, and reached Central Asia. So he went south to compete with the Ming Dynasty for territory.

In 1449 A.D., that is, the 14th year of Zhengtong (Engzong), they divided into four routes and invaded the Central Plains. Yingzong personally led the troops to suppress it. Unexpectedly, the soldiers and generals had no fighting spirit, and everyone was afraid.

The army just arrived in Datong, everyone thinks it’s better to go home, Yingzong didn’t have an opinion, so he turned back when he said he would turn back, everyone marched tremblingly to Tumu Fort (in Chahar , to the west of Huailai), Yexian soldiers chased after them, and surrounded the Ming army like an iron barrel. The Ming soldiers made a mess, dead or wounded.

This is the famous “civil engineering change” in history. The sentence is right.


The news of Yingzong’s defeat and capture spread to the capital, and everyone in the court was shocked. Some timid ministers advocated moving south. At this time, Yu Qian, an official of the Ministry of War, wondered why Ming Dynasty Yan was such a cowardly person, it was too embarrassing for his ancestors. Thinking of the glorious history of Chengzu’s five personal expeditions, it really makes people blush.

Yu Qian stood in the court and cursed these corrupt officials. Moreover, in fact, the Ming Dynasty, which reflected a big country, could not be without a master for a while, so in 1450 AD, the second year of the 14th year of Yingzong’s orthodoxy, he supported Yingzong’s younger brother Jingdi as emperor to support the whole situation.

This Emperor Jing’s year name is Jingtai, and he has only reigned for seven years. Corresponding to Liu Bowen’s sentence, “the country has suppressed Ruiyun for seven years,” this is what happened 80 years after Liu Bowen’s death.

Of course this Yexian would not stop there. He pretended to the Ming Dynasty that he would return Yingzong and drove his army to the city of Beijing. For three days and nights, unexpectedly being defeated by Yu Qian, the morale of the Ming Dynasty was greatly boosted. He fought and lost repeatedly at first, and then he simply gave up and let Yingzong go.

Later on, he was too greedy to assassinate his subordinates. When the big tree fell, the baboons scattered, and Waci himself was finished.


Yu Qian is a very talented person, decisive and upright, not afraid of others’ speech at all, many politicians and some civil servants who are proud of themselves in the political arena are dissatisfied with him, and Emperor Jing and Yingzong are out of power and face Suspicion deepens.

Ever since he was released, Yingzong has been looking for an opportunity to bring down Jingdi, but since he is always rescued by his younger brother, it is not good to bring down Jingdi for no reason It is also because Emperor Jing could not enjoy the blessings of the Son of Heaven for a long time, and one day he ate badly and suffered from vomiting and diarrhea. The imperial doctor also temporarily healed him badly.

At this time, how could Yingzong let go of this great opportunity? He immediately announced to the court that Emperor Jing could not take charge of the government due to illness, and Yingzong would return to handle state affairs.

As soon as Yingzong was restored, the first unlucky person was Yu Qian, because he was the one who established Emperor Qi Ren as the emperor, and he was upright, so Yingzong randomly added a crime to him , Yu Qian had to die in prison unjustly.

The return and restoration of Emperor Yingzong corresponded to the three sentences “Hu people dare not harm the virtuous, send the golden dragon to restore the old, and the sun rises to shine on the frontier”.

The last sentence only explains the peace after the war and the elimination of Wacha.

The prophecy of Yu Qian’s unjust death was not mentioned, but the author brought it up by the way, because it was caused by the restoration of Yingzong. And Yu Qian is also a key figure in this incident.


“Clouds open, the sun and the moon shine on the frontier”

There are books explaining that Emperor Xianzong’s name is Shen, Chenghua, and he has been in power for 23 years.

However, I don’t understand how to solve it. This sentence seems to have nothing to do with this matter, whether it’s a symbolic statement or a pun Whether it is said or not, it cannot explain the relationship with the Xianzong Association.

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