“Little Common Senses” Tapping the Teeth Three Hundred Times in the Morning

Early morning is the best time to protect teeth. After a night of reproduction, the number of bacteria in the mouth is already very considerable. If oral hygiene is not done in time, the anaerobic bacteria in the mouth will Bacteria will multiply rapidly and easily cause oral diseases. Brushing your teeth in the morning can remove dirt and anaerobic bacteria on the surface of the teeth, protecting our teeth and gums. After brushing, the plaque on the surface will be destroyed, blocking the damage of bacteria to teeth. After brushing our teeth, we can also do dental exercises. We recommend a method of “knocking teeth and swallowing fluid”.

“Knocking Teeth Swallowing Jin Health Care Method” is an important health preservation method in traditional Chinese medicine one of the techniques. The ancients believed that healthy teeth lead to healthy body, and healthy body leads to longevity. In the process of tapping the teeth, the oral saliva increases. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that saliva can nourish the internal organs. Modern medical research has proved that there are many substances related to life activities in saliva. Health experts call saliva “Jinjinyuye”, which is the material basis of life just like essence and blood. Knocking teeth and swallowing body fluid has many health-preserving effects. Let’s take a look at the essentials of knocking teeth and swallowing Jin.

The essentials of tapping teeth and swallowing water:

1. Knock your teeth

After waking up in the morning, let’s not talk about life and calm down Ning, get rid of distracting thoughts. Relax your whole body. Close the lips, unite the mind and mind, close the eyes, and then tap the upper and lower teeth rhythmically, clanging and sounding, the number of times is not limited. When you first start exercising, you can tap about 20 times. As the exercise progresses, you can gradually increase the number and strength of tapping your teeth, generally 36 times is better. The strength can be adjusted according to the health of the teeth. This is the completion of a tooth knock.

2. Tunjin

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine health preservation, after the knocking is over, it should be supplemented with “Red Dragon Stirring Tianchi”, that is, after knocking, use Stir the tongue against the upper and lower gums and tooth surfaces in the cavity. The force should be soft and natural, first up and then down, first inside and then outside, stir 36 times, it can massage the gums, improve local blood circulation, and accelerate the nutritional blood supply to the gums. When body fluid (saliva) is felt, do not swallow and continue to stir. After the saliva gradually increases, press the tongue against the palate to collect the saliva, puff up the cheeks and gargle with saliva several times, and finally swallow slowly three times. Down (pharynx Tianjin).

The above time and frequency is a complete “Knock Teeth Swallowing Jin Health Care Method”. It is better to do it ten times each time. Tap the teeth ten times in the middle and evening, the more the better. Among them, tapping the teeth in the morning is the most important, because after a night of rest, the teeth will become loose. At this time, tapping the teeth will strengthen the gums and periodontal tissue, and stimulate the nerves, blood vessels and pulp cells of the teeth, which is very beneficial to the health of the teeth.

Source of content: Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine National Medical HallWeChat Public Account

Editor: Nursing Journal of Integrative Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

Correspondent: Sun Lei, Qin Shasha, Wang Jingjing, Dong Wei

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