Lifting the bar is a disease (in-depth good article)

It is said that after a man suffered from pachydermia, he underwent surgical peeling and looked thinner, but this is just ” The method of sawing arrows”, which can cure the symptoms but not the root cause, and soon the skin grows thick again. What is even more puzzling is that this man developed new symptoms after taking “Logic”.

One day, this gentleman came to the hospital again. It just so happened that there were very few patients in the hospital that day.

The doctor said: “Please sit down!”

The man said: “Why sit? Do I not have the right to sit?”

The doctor had no choice but to know what happened to this gentleman, so he poured him a glass of water and said, “Please drink water. “

The man said: “This is one-sided and therefore absurd. Not all water can be drunk. If you add potassium cyanide to the water, You can’t drink it.”

The doctor said, “I didn’t put poison here. Don’t worry!”

This man said: “Who said you put poison? Did I frame you for putting poison? Did the indictment of the procuratorate say that you put poison? I didn’t say you put poison, but you said I put poison. It’s more poison than poison!”

The doctor had no choice, so he sighed and changed the subject and said, “The weather is nice today.”

This gentleman said: “It’s pure nonsense! Is the weather good here? Even if the weather is good, it doesn’t mean the weather in the world is good. In the long night, the iceberg is hitting…”

The doctor said: “I said the weather is good today, and I generally mean the local area, not the world. Everyone understands this. !”

The public said: “Does everyone understand that it must be correct? Does everyone think what is right must be right? If there is a problem with the public’s values , that is really a sad thing, such as the Cultural Revolution. You must know that the truth is sometimes in the hands of a few people.”

The doctor was tired and couldn’t help but argue with him Get up: “Does the truth lie in your hands?”

The gentleman said: “Your understanding, I think, is very ordinary, you doctors are all treating people. , I am the only one being treated, although I am a minority, but I did not say that the truth is in my hands?”

The doctor said: “Our doctors are all You are an ordinary person, and you are an extraordinary person, and an extraordinary person will also get sick, and I also want an ordinary person to heal.”

The man said: ” Even if my extraordinary people get sick, they have an extraordinary disease.”

The doctor said, “Yes! You have an extraordinary disease.”

The doctor said: “You are sick, did I say I am sick?”

The doctor said: “You are not Why do you come to the hospital when you are sick?”

The man said: “Can’t I come to the hospital when I am not sick? The hospital is a public place, so I have no right to come?”

The doctor said: “You can come, now you can go back.”

The doctor said: “You You have no right to order me to go, you are a doctor, and your professional ethics do not allow you to drive me away. “

The doctor said: “The professional ethics of a doctor is for the patient. The idle people and others all came to the hospital. Isn’t the hospital a Jiao Park? “

The man said: “You don’t have any research, how do you know that I’m not sick?” Am I not a patient? “

The doctor said, “Didn’t you say you are not sick? “

The man said: “Does what I say must be correct? Did I say that I am not sick?” “

The doctor said, “I don’t need research to know that you are sick.” “

The public said: “You have no right to speak without research. Therefore, you are cursing! “

The doctor shook his head and said, “I can’t cure your disease, you can go to another doctor to show you.” “

This man said: “Your doctor is wearing a pair of trousers, the wood is beautiful in the forest, the wind will blow, and the doctor will say that I am sick.” ”

The doctor has no choice: “Since everyone says you are sick, then you must be sick Yes, you probably don’t know that there is also a wood ‘rotten’ in the forest, and it will be rotten even if the wind doesn’t blow. “

The man said, “You all say I’m sick. Is it because I’m sick and you’re not sick?” “

The doctor smiled wryly and said, “You, me, and other doctors are all sick, okay!” Say no more! “

The man said: “Are you going to deprive me of my right to speak? “

The doctor said: “Good! it is good! You have the right to speak. “

The man said: “No! I have the right not to say anything! “

The doctor said: “Then sit down and continue talking. If you are tired, drink some water.” “

This man said: “This way of talking about the issue is one-sided and therefore absurd. Not all water is drinkable. If you mix potassium cyanide in water, you must not drink it. “

The doctor said, “I didn’t put poison here. do not worry! “

Just finished speaking, the doctor thought to himself, and turned back again. It seems that today is endless. So he smiled bitterly and said, “Today is really unlucky…”

The man said: “Are you still a doctor? Do you know the professional ethics of doctors? How can you speak like that? “

The doctor said: “Then you can stop talking nonsense and let me see your doctor?” “


This gentleman said: “Who said I’m sick? You have no right to speak without investigation and research!”

The doctor was shocked and entered the dog biting tail The logic is in a weird circle, so I keep silent.

The man said: “Why don’t you speak?”

The doctor said: “Why should I speak? Do you want to deprive me of the right to not speak?”

The man said: “Then you should drink some water.”

The doctor said: “This is one-sided and therefore absurd. Not all water is drinkable. If you add cyanide to the water Potassium, you must not drink it.”

The doctor suddenly felt that the words were spit out from the man’s mouth, how did he get it, and he almost fainted Falling to the ground…

…After multiple investigations, I found out that the patient had participated in the writing team of “Liang Xiao”, which may be a sequelae.

The next day, the doctor found the dean and said, “Although I am the attending doctor, due to the emergence of eloquence, a disease of some special patients, I am deeply moved. Feeling the lack of knowledge, unable to treat patients, I want to study philosophy and logic off-the-job.”

The dean said: “Just for a special patient?”< /p>

The doctor said: “Isn’t a special patient not a patient? Can you deprive a special patient of the right to treat a disease? Is the hospital only opened for the majority of people? Such discrimination against special patients It doesn’t make sense! If you are a special patient, do you need treatment?”

When the dean heard this, he slumped on the sofa and was stunned for a long time before he recovered. Come and say something slowly: “I see that you already have the ability to eloquently, so you don’t need to go to further studies, otherwise my old dean will have to go to further studies.”

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