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Author: Feng Xiaojie

Zhu, male, 43 years old, from Heilongjiang , has lived in Changyi for ten years. In the middle age, the pressure of life, family and work is quite heavy, Su’s mood is depressed, anxious, accompanied by excessive sweating, and he complains of profuse sweating, upset, night sweats, memory loss, and the symptoms of sweating have worsened in the past half month. First went to Changyi City People’s Hospital and Weifang City People’s Hospital. Multiple auxiliary examinations showed no abnormality. I took sedative and anti-anxiety drugs according to the doctor’s advice. Occasionally see: mental depression, quite anxious, dark complexion, inquire about diet, bowel movements are normal, poor sleepiness, spontaneous sweating as the main symptom, hot sweating when the air conditioner is adjusted to 23 degrees every night, pale and fat tongue , the fur is white and greasy, and the pulse is slow and not floating. Syndrome differentiation belongs to stagnation of qi and yang, deficiency of the lungs, lack of qi transformation, sweating due to body fluid. Abandoning the usual method of astringent, astringent, astringent and antiperspirant, a self-made method:

Poria cocos 15 Stir-fried Atractylodes macrocephala 12 Fa Pinellia 10 Stir-fried white peony root 12

Psoralen 10 fried cumin 15 fried almond 10 tangerine peel 10

Arborvitae leaf 15 schisandra 10 angelica 12 ephedra 6

Cinnamon Twig 10 Asarum 3 Black Shun Pian 10 Patchouli 10

Roasted Licorice 6 doses

After taking the medicine for the first time, the patient’s sweating and fever were obviously aggravated. After taking the second dose, the sweating and fever stopped abruptly, the irritability disappeared, the night sleep improved, and the mood was comfortable. Today’s follow-up consultation, all the symptoms were relieved, complained of memory loss, added Morinda officinalis to the original prescription, Polygala continued to take six doses to consolidate the curative effect.

Discrimination: This prescription seems to be messy, and adding ephedra, cinnamon twig, aconite and asarum and other antiperspirant drugs to stop sweating is especially unimaginable. In fact, this is a modified method of “Tuning Zhongfa” passed down by the teacher Mr. Sun Qiaxi. The medicine of this prescription is used to warm the kidneys and dissipate cold, open up the inside and outside, in order to invigorate the spleen, adjust the stomach, and communicate the qi mechanism, and to restrain the lungs and lower qi, solidify the surface and stop sweating (upper, middle and lower are the upper energizer, middle energizer, and lower energizer). The so-called pathogenesis in medicine is as effective as a drum, so Chinese medicine cannot be called “slow doctor” alone. Li Zhongzi, a famous doctor in the Ming Dynasty, said: “When you see phlegm, stop to treat phlegm, and if you see blood, stop to treat blood. If you don’t sweat, don’t sweat. If you have heat, don’t attack the heat. Don’t lose your breath when you are panting, and don’t let out astringent semen. It is interesting to understand. “Medical Master” (“Medical Classics Must Read”) has always been regarded as the motto of doctors. This case, on the other hand, provides an example of “seeing sweat and not stopping sweat” from the opposite side. It seems to be the opposite, but in fact it is the same, and it all embodies the medical truth of “seeking the root of syndrome differentiation”.

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