Li Cheng! TA from Taiwan is holding a Hanfu wedding in Xiamen today

Source: Taihai Net

Taihai Net August 4th (Straits Herald reporter Lin Jingxian/Wen Shenwei Zhonghong/Photo) Life wishes to have a reunion, remember the four seasons, and beg for a good year. Tanabata. How to spend the Qixi Festival, which is known as “Chinese Valentine’s Day”, with the other half? Come to a Chinese wedding! In 2022, the first cross-strait Qixi Festival in Huli District will be held at the Yuehua Hotel on the morning of August 4th. 50 couples of young men and women from both sides of the Taiwan Strait working and living in Huli District, Xiamen City, dressed in Han clothing and performed Han rituals, participated in a grand and solemn Han wedding.

Han-style weddings are based on Zhou rites, with elegance, dignity, and dignity as their charms. They trace their origins and are ethnic weddings that reflect traditional Chinese culture. Chinese weddings are not just parties, feasts, and entertainment, but also a solemn declaration of ethical philosophy. Through this event, couples and couples on both sides of the strait can have a deeper understanding of and experience the charm of traditional Chinese culture.

The couples from both sides of the Taiwan Strait who participated in the event attached great importance to this sense of ceremony. This morning, newcomers wearing Hanfu entered the venue one after another. The wife lowered her head to help her husband tidy up his clothes, and the husband fanned the air for his wife with a folding fan. It seems that the secrets of a happy married life are hidden in these warm details.

Today’s most anticipated part is the “Han ritual”. The Han ritual is divided into “three worships”. One is to thank the gods for good luck, the other is to thank the gods for making beautiful family members, and the third is for husband and wife to worship each other. The gestures and salute angles of “three bows” are different, and the movements of men and women are also different. Before the ceremony started today, everyone was still practicing repeatedly. “The position of your hand is wrong, it’s a little higher”, “your hairpin is a little crooked, I’ll adjust it for you.” When asked about his mood today, a man from Taiwan immediately said, “A little nervous, but more There is more excitement and happiness!”

The auspicious times and the good times are harmonious and beautiful, and the good times and beautiful scenery will be for a hundred years. Under the guidance of the master of ceremonies and witnessed by the guests from both sides of the strait, the newlyweds on both sides of the strait cherished piety, performed respectful ceremonies, faced the dragon and phoenix double happiness marriage god, and visited the heaven and earth to thank the marriage. After the three prayers were completed, the couples exchanged gifts for each other, and the organizer also presented concentric knots to the new couples, wishing everyone a happy and happy marriage.