Learn to eat carbohydrates like this, so that you can retain muscle and lose the most fat

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In order to lose weight, many people choose not to eat staple food to achieve the purpose of losing weight. Although the weight loss effect of not eating staple food is very good. However, most of what you lose is body water and muscle, and the weight will rebound quickly after returning to a normal diet.


Losing weight is not about not eating carbohydrate staple food, but about eating wisely. Carbohydrates are the fuel of the body, which can provide metabolism for the body, help you retain muscle, and are indispensable nutrients for maintaining life.

However, eating the wrong carbohydrates will cause blood sugar to rise, fat will be synthesized quickly, and the body will lose weight easy to gain weight. So, how to eat carbohydrates to control blood sugar and let you lose the most fat? Keep these principles in mind:

1. Stay away from low-quality carbohydrates. Common cakes, milk tea, biscuits, and bread are all low-quality carbohydrates, which are the culprits of obesity. People who lose weight must quit this visible sugar.

2. Control the intake of staple food. A normal person’s daily carbohydrate staple food intake is about 250-350g. During weight loss, we can reduce the staple food intake to about 180-250g, so as to supplement the body with enough carbohydrates and avoid excessive intake of carbohydrates.


3. Choose the right high-quality carbohydrate staple food. There are many choices of staple food. We should eat less rice, steamed buns, noodles and the like for staple food, and use coarse grains instead.

Coarse grains stay in the stomach for a longer time, the sugar level is slower, and the dietary fiber is richer. After absorbing water, the dietary fiber will expand, reduce the appearance of hunger, and promote intestinal Peristalsis helps to inhibit fat accumulation. For coarse grains, you can choose complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread, oats, corn, barley, sweet potatoes, and potatoes.

4. Select the right time period. Try to eat the staple food of carbohydrates during the day, and eat less for dinner. It is not advisable to eat too many carbohydrates near bedtime at night.

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