Laziness who loses interest in everything, school, social activities, and entertainment are all in a low mood, how to deal with it?


1. Depression is characterized by low mood, uneven levels of neurotransmitters in the brain of patients, serotonin and decreased dopamine concentrations.

2. Due to the impairment of the physiological function of the brain, it affects the growth of nerves in the brain and the formation of new circuits, and affects the function of the hippocampus, so that the brain cannot feel “happiness”

3. ​​Depression, like a cold and fever, has a physiological basis, and it is not “willpower” or “positive or not” that can solve the problem.

【Three Major Symptoms of Depression】

1. Accelerated heartbeat, high blood pressure, hand shaking——renin angiotensin Excessive secretion of adrenaline;

2. Dyspnea and apnea-vagus nerve disorder. The acetylcholine receptor signal of the autonomic nervous system is too strong, which inhibits the body from receiving feedback signals;

3. Persistent depression and insomnia-serious lack of brain serotonin and dopamine secretion;

【Common clinical manifestations】

Clinical manifestations:

One is depression, mental depression, loss of interest in many things, self-blame and guilt.

The second is loss of appetite and weight loss.

The third is severe general fatigue, pain all over the body, inexplicable pain, slow thinking, slow movement, or sleep more or less, or slow thinking, or thinking agitatedly.

【Depression Behavior Therapy】

1. Interrupt thinking! Go to the bottom of the horn. Put an end to the behavior that the more you can’t figure it out, the more you will think about it.

2. Stop attacking yourself. Don’t be a perfectionist, stop attacking yourself with all thoughts, words, and behaviors.

3. Reshape physical and mental boundaries. I suffer from depression, and because of my cowardice and kindness, I can’t bear to refuse some unreasonable demands from others.

4. Ignore depression, fuck it, do what you should do, don’t expect the improvement of depression too much, avoid the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

5. Lie flat on your back. When you feel powerless and don’t want to do something, allow yourself to do nothing. Stop thinking, feel no guilt, and live in the moment.

6. Stop being afraid. Stop thinking like this: What if the disease cannot be cured?

7. Let go of the past and say goodbye to the past.

8. Eliminate shame and guilt. Avoid getting sucked into feelings of low worth and feeling like you don’t deserve to live in this world.

9. Exercise focus on details For example: focus on the fragrance of a small flower, and experience the fun that you have never experienced before.

10. Get rid of the psychological burden and live according to my own heart.

11. Release aggressiveness. Return to nature, express love to mountains and rivers, and pour out love reasonably. Find an outlet to vent bad emotions.

12. Forgive your enemies. Forgive and forgive those who have hurt you, intentionally or not.

Doctor Brother Xiaoqiang

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