Latex pillows contain toxic substances, which are harmful to people and cause cancer? Can they still be used? Here comes the truth

We often ridicule that “time is a butcher’s knife”, there are many handsome and suave young butter boys who are young, but gradually gain weight after entering middle age.

The charm of those days disappeared without a trace, and it also added some “greasy feeling”.

As we age, we may develop a potbellied, oily face in middle age.

In fact, not only middle-aged people, but many people are also troubled by obesity.

These types of people are bulky, and the flesh on their stomachs and legs is relatively soft, which is what we often call puffiness. Phlegm is at work.

How are phlegm and dampness produced?

There is a saying in Chinese medicine that “fat people have more phlegm and dampness”. Under normal circumstances, food and water enter the body, and after the transformation of temper, it becomes semen and transported to all parts of the body. Jin, relatively thin, spreads on our body surface skin, plays a nourishing role. liquid, thicker. Perfusion in the joint organs, play a role in nourishing. Body fluid is not normalized. When drinking water and eating food, it cannot be transported and transformed normally, and it cannot be absorbed and transformed into semen that can be used by the human body.

Too much water and dampness stop gathering and it becomes drink; too much drink accumulates, and it is decoctioned by heat and evil, and it becomes phlegm. phlegm”. The phlegm is thick and the drink is thin, the phlegm is turbid and the drink is clear.

In addition, people with phlegm and dampness in the body generally have the following situations

1. Oil, swollen eyes, hair loss

2, obesity, big belly, like to eat fat and sweet

3, more Sweaty and sticky, chest tightness, and excessive phlegm

4, snoring, not drinking water

Patients with phlegm-dampness and obesity will find The usual weight loss methods are difficult to work on yourself, and it is easy to rebound. This is because phlegm-dampness has the characteristics of heavy turbidity and stickiness, like an annoying piece of brown sugar, which cannot be shaken off.

If you want to get rid of phlegm-dampness, we can try Erchen Decoction, a famous recipe for treating phlegm.

Panxia, ​​orange red, white Poria, licorice

Pinellia is acrid, warm and dry, and has the effect of drying dampness and resolving phlegm. The main medicine of phlegm”, so it is the king medicine.

Orange red regulates qi, dries dampness and resolves phlegm, so that phlegm can be eliminated by smoothing the qi. It is a ministerial medicine. In the prescription, the combination of Pinellia and tangerine peel is the best choice for Chen Jiu, so it is named Erchen.

In addition, white Poria is sweet, light, and flat in nature. It has the functions of diuretic and dampness, invigorating the spleen and stomach, calming the heart and soothing the nerves.

Glycyrrhiza has the effect of reconciling various medicines. The whole formula can achieve the effect of drying dampness and resolving phlegm, regulating qi and neutralizing.