Kyoho, Xiahei… It is the grape with the highest sugar content!

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It’s time for grapes to hit the market again!

The nutritional profile of grapes is good in potassium (191mg/100g) and vitamin K (14.6 μg/100g), but vitamin K (14.6 μg/100g) >Sugar content is relatively high (12%-18%), so diabetic patients need to be vigilant.

Raisin is a grape variety that has harder flesh and a more tightly connected skin and pulp than regular grapes. But in terms of nutrients, it is not much different from the “grape” in the general impression.

The sugar content of several common fresh food varieties on the market has been tested as follows: (“Red Earth” is a common red grape variety)

It can be seen that grapes are not generally higher than other glucose, and eating sour grapes may also have a lot of sugar!

Which grape is your favorite?


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