Just in time for the most beautiful ginkgo season, this old independent bookstore has opened a new store in Gubei!

After a year of preparation, Banana Fish Bookstore’s new store and main store in Gubei officially opened a few days ago. At the same time, there is also the opening exhibition – Dutch graphic designer Jo Franken’s “Point·Line·Surface” exhibition. It’s the “most beautiful ginkgo season”, come to Gubei’s Golden City Road to see ginkgo, and also come to the bookstore to see a wall, an exhibition, and a workshop!

“The font of the store name is so beautiful!” When you hear such When talking, I knew that this is not an ordinary bookstore, but an independent bookstore with art books as its highlight.

A wind chime hangs on the ceiling at the entrance, very simple, a small piece of paper hanging down The note said “Welcome” on one side and “Banana Fish” on the other. It is an old object brought from an old store, which in a sense symbolizes that every day is “good weather for reading”.

It’s “the most beautiful ginkgo season”, come to Gubei’s Golden City Road to see ginkgo, and also come to the bookstore to see a wall, an exhibition , a workshop!


A wall

< p data-track="15">What is the biggest attraction of the bookstore?

One is the magazine wall. While some stores use one or two imported magazines as decorations, Banana Fish Bookstore has a whole wall full of magazines. Most of them are things you haven’t seen.

This is because they mainly focus on imported foreign editions , so there are many imported niche magazines, of course there are also Chinese magazines – such as the Chinese version of “CEREAL Grain”, which talks about lifestyle and travel, and “Little Days”, which is a humanistic life magazine from Taiwan.


A show

How to understand the relationship between art and bookstores?

At the counter of Banana Fish Bookstore, you can see A stack of cards – it says “The Art of Book Production”.

Currently, the bookstore has branches in the fashion park “Xian Suo” and the art park “M50”, but only the Ruby Road store has enough space as the main store to be able to Accommodate a variety of business formats. In fact, the scale has expanded after the move.

Let’s take a look at the opening exhibition—”Point, Line, Surface” by Dutch graphic designer Jo Franken. Dean of Grace College, has held many printing-related positions, successfully held several Magical Riso Biennial conferences, and has made great achievements in the field of Risograph printing.

On-site exhibition is the artist’s six groups of “Point, Line, Plane”. It is worth mentioning that you also have the opportunity to buy the artist’s Risograph printing method as the creative idea ’s artist book POINT LINE PLANE, which will be launched in late 2021 with a limited edition of 100 copies.


“Point, Line, Plane”

If you go to the scene, please be sure to understand the printing technology of Risograph . It is similar to screen printing, but different. Referring to the official website of the Jan van Eyck Academy, Risograph is highly appreciated for the quality, dynamics and colors of its prints.

Meng Mengsun, an illustrator based in France, also tried this printing method. She introduced that Risograph technology and its name originated from Japan The Riso (Ideal Company) high-speed stencil printing machine, which was born in the 1980s for large-scale printing and copying, is now a popular printing method for art lovers, although it is not technologically advanced.


A printing workshop< /p>

Seeing the exhibition of Risograph at the Banana Fish Bookstore has the advantage of a “favorable location”.

In 2011, Banana Fish founded the “Add Meal Bread Printing Society”. Here you can obtain hole plates from RisographPrinting, manual screen printing to book binding and other personalized printing services. Not only for individuals, art museums and galleries will also choose Bananafish to undertake book design projects.

If you can’t think of what to do, you can also participate in annual calendars, cards, handmade books, screen printed cloth bags , T-shirts and other theme workshops, and have a piece of artwork that belongs only to you in your personal style.

Bananafish has also launched more and more product selections other than art books, including prints, engravings, Cards, as well as workshop-related products and lessons.

At the end of the year, we can also celebrate the festival together, with a common Looking forward to the new year. Sophie, the founder of Banana Fish Bookstore, revealed to the reporter: “We plan to do an official opening event around Christmas, and the souvenirs are also being designed for the residents of this community and the old friends of Banana Fish. .”

Banana Fish Bookstore Ruby Road Store

Address: No. 7, Hongbao Road, Changning District, Shanghai

Time: 11:00-20:00

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