Jinyuan District, Taiyuan City: The District Bureau of Commerce remains silent and does its best to ensure supply

The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. With the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, all the staff of the Jinyuan District Commerce Bureau of Taiyuan City returned to work urgently and worked together to strictly implement various epidemic prevention policies, ensure supply and people’s livelihood, stabilize prices and stabilize people’s hearts, and do their best to guard the people’s table.

One is to change the way of working, adding Great service coordination. During the silent period of the unit, through telephone, video and other methods, real-time inspections were carried out on the implementation of the “four elements” by large commercial and supermarket enterprises in the jurisdiction, timely discovery of deficiencies, and supervision and rectification in place. Commercial supermarkets are required to strictly implement environmental disinfection requirements, and to increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of public goods and facilities that are frequently touched. Established a health information ledger for employees in key places, implemented an employee health monitoring system, and conducted random checks on nucleic acid testing by sending back screenshots and other methods.

The second is to coordinate and apply for the guarantee pass in time to ensure that the supply of materials is sufficient and orderly. Through online non-contact audits such as WeChat and emails, information such as health codes, itinerary codes, nucleic acid results, and epidemic prevention commitments for corporate staff will be reported to the Municipal Bureau of Commerce after a preliminary review, and companies are required to strictly abide by the “special person” , special car, special line, special management” and “point-to-point transfer”, and applied for 38 guarantee passes for 13 companies including Yongsheng Supermarket and Shanxi Taiyuan Huawei Food Co., Ltd. As of noon on the 23rd, 25 tons of grain, 4.8 tons of edible oil, 13.3 tons of meat, 5.2 tons of eggs, 23.6 tons of vegetables, 3.5 tons of dairy products, 6.7 tons of fruits, 9.2 tons of frozen products, 2.6 tons of soybean products, and drinking water have been supplied. 105 tons, 4.2 tons of pastries.

The third is to maintain the stability of the daily necessities market. Grasp the changes in market supply and demand, strengthen the communication between suppliers and the market, actively contact channels, help solve the problem of unsalable vegetables in Dongzhuangying and other villages, and solve the urgent needs of vegetable farmers. At present, the supply of daily necessities in our district is sufficient, the prices are stable, and the market is orderly.

Source: Published by Jinyuan