It’s time to treat winter diseases in summer! Try these 2 methods to relieve cold hands and feet in autumn and winter

Do these 3 things in summer

Be careful of cold hands and feet strong>

Some people are very afraid of cold, and it is easy to have cold hands and feet in autumn and winter. For example, if you put on long johns early in autumn, even if you cover a thick quilt in winter, you will still feel cold. Discomfort, these are all manifestations of Yang deficiency constitution.

In summer, if you eat too many raw and cold fruits, drink a lot of cold drinks, and blow air conditioners for a long time, the body will accumulate more cold and dampness, and the hands and feet will accumulate more. Cold symptoms will be more pronounced in autumn and winter. And summer is the most suitable season to get rid of dampness and cold, and proper conditioning at this time will help reduce the discomfort in autumn and winter.

How to deal with cold hands and feet in summer?

Tea substitute: Poria and Astragalus tea

Operation steps:< /span>Put 5 grams of Poria cocos and 3 grams of Astragalus in a container, add water, boil for 10 minutes after the water boils, put it on warm and drink it.

Remember not to drink cold, be sure to take it warm.

Effects:Poria helps dampness It has a certain effect of invigorating qi and generating yang, further mobilizing the yang qi of the body. Drinking tuckahoe and astragalus tea in summer can help prevent cold hands and feet in autumn and winter.

Acupressure: Shenshu

< strong>Location: Draw a horizontal line from the navel to the back where it intersects with the spine is the Mingmen point, and the Shenshu point is 1.5 inches to the left and right of the Mingmen point.

Operation steps:

Rub the Shenshu acupoints on both sides up and down, rub for 1 minute, then rub your hands to warm, and then rub the Shenshu acupoints up and down for 1 minute.

It is recommended to rub for 1 minute each time, 3 times a day.

Source: CCTV Life Circle