It’s not enough for you to buy a house with 1.8 million, and you can take at least 200,000 as a bride price, “If you don’t get married, get lost”

It is not easy to live in the world, even when we are dead at night, we savor life carefully, think about why we came to this world, and what is the value of our life in the world? What is success again? Does one have to be rich, marry a wife, have children, have a house and a car to be considered successful?

If so, who made the rules? Marrying a wife, having children and carrying on the family line seems to be our shackles. This seems to be a moral kidnapping. People have worked hard for all this since the day they were born. Marriage is happiness and happiness for wealthy families. For the poor, marriage has become synonymous with stress.

Marriage is feared in some people’s hearts. Anyone who thinks that marriage is not free is deceiving themselves. The most important thing is that economic strength does not allow it. They have no money Buy a house, have no money to buy a car, and even the money they earn can just meet their own food and clothing. They have no ability to make the woman they like happy, and their future is at a loss. Even if they are together, how many people are about to enter marriage? Sometimes we forget each other in the rivers and lakes!

However, nowadays marriage brings the biggest pressure on young people is the huge bride price, Houses and cars, although these material requirements make people feel very vulgar, but without these hardware and material conditions, how many women can live with a man for a lifetime? Maybe there is, but this kind of love can be met but not sought after, maybe it only exists in fairy tales about love.

Now people are blinded by material and money, and some people are even more stubborn about the bride price, as if whether the man can take out the money is the only way to measure them The standard of true love gradually becomes materialized, which makes many men no longer believe that there is true love in the world.

When a person asks a person do you have a girlfriend? The other party said with a sneer, don’t be ridiculous, want to fall in love without money? Don’t even think about it, just work hard to make money.

How sad and deplorable this is, don’t you have the qualifications to enjoy love without money? I don’t think so, that’s because we are influenced by the people around us, and most of us have a mentality of comparison. To put it bluntly, we just want to save face and suffer. It seems that vanity is the most important thing in their eyes. When someone asks them, what do you think? What does the husband do? If their man is a big boss with a lot of money, they will be very proud to tell others that my husband is the boss of such and such a well-known company.

If their husbands are low-income working class, they may choose to remain silent , or use some other language to make them feel that their husband is really useless? I don’t even have the face to talk about my husband’s job in front of other people.

What I said today is not aimed at some people, because it is due to human nature, but I feel that Xi Shi is in the eye of the beholder, as long as you love him sincerely, He is the best in your heart, no one can compare with your husband, at least he is the best in your heart.

I received a selfish message from a male reader yesterday. He complained to me about the injustice of his fate. He told me that he no longer believed in love from now on. He was nostalgic with wine every day. He couldn’t believe it was true. He couldn’t believe that their relationship couldn’t stand the test of money. Maybe the relationship between her and her girlfriend was pure and beautiful for a period of time. Yes, but after entering the marriage, the relationship has changed!

This gentleman is surnamed Wang, Xiao Wang told me that his family is not rich but It can be regarded as a well-off family. My mother is a primary school teacher and my father works in a state-owned enterprise. Although the money earned is limited, the normal living expenses are still no problem. The old couple have worked for most of their lives and have accumulated some savings. Xiao Wang studied at school. He is also very hardworking. After graduating from university, he worked in a software park company.

He and her girlfriend Qianqian met at a friend’s party. Because Qianqian is beautiful and has a good figure, Xiao Wang saw Qianqian for the first time He fell in love with her when he was young and was attracted by her beauty. At that time, Xiao Wang secretly made a decision to pursue Qianqian. With the help of his friends, Xiao Wang got Qianqian’s contact information.

The initial pursuit was not smooth, maybe Qianqian’s beauty is her proud capital, she is arrogant and cold, if people describe it now, Qianqian is A cold beauty, but Xiao Wang did not give up. He thought that as long as he showed his sincerity, he would definitely impress the other party. He believed that Qianqian would feel his passionate love for her.

In the process of pursuing Qianqian rejected Xiao Wang for various reasons. Maybe Qianqian felt disdain for Xiao Wang’s pursuit, maybe Qianqian’s standard for choosing a mate was very high, she refused Xiao Wang’s pursuit time and time again, and sometimes said some cruel words. To humiliate Xiao Wang, Xiao Wang told me that the most piercing sentence Qianqian ever said to him was, do you have money? What can you give me?

Maybe When people fall into a relationship, their IQ will drop to zero. Xiaoliang thinks that Qianqian is testing whether he is sincere, but what makes Xiaowang happy is that after a year of hard pursuit, the relationship between the two has finally eased, as if The iceberg-like Qianqian finally began to melt slowly. Maybe every cold woman has a fiery heart. In front of Xiao Wang, Qianqian is warm and gentle, but in front of other people, Qianqian is still an ice beauty.

Finally one day Xiao Wang succeeded, they fell in love, he once asked Qianqian, there are so many men chasing you, why did you choose me? Qianqian smiled Said: That’s because I feel that you are so cute and silly, I can feel your simplicity, you really like me, other men chasing me make me feel that they have a certain purpose, in the end only you passed my test.

Qianqian’s words made Xiao Wang deeply intoxicated with love In the movie, he even believes that as long as there is a heart and perseverance, there is nothing that cannot be moved. The pursuit of Qianqian is the best proof. Time flies. Xiao Wang and Qianqian have been in love for two years. He told me that they are in love This period of time is both happy and painful.

The pain is that Xiao Wang has paid a lot for Qianqian in the past two years, and Qianqian’s expenses are a bit too much for him. Xiao Wang saves money every month. He was frugal, and almost half of his wages were given to Qianqian to squander. He was happy that every time he felt the tenderness of Qianqian, he couldn’t help himself. A feeling of worrying about gain and loss.

Qianqian always gave him a feeling of drifting away and turning hot and cold. At that time, he thought this was Qianqian’s character. I said, it was clearly a kind of crowd trying to capture my appetite, but at that time I was deeply involved, and I kept comforting myself, deceiving myself, telling myself that I was thinking too much.

In the blink of an eye, another year, they have reached the age of marriage, Xiao Wang’s It means that you can buy a second-hand well-decorated house in the suburbs of the city, and you can buy a house with a large enough area for a small cost. Xiao Wang feels that you can buy a good house in the suburbs by spending 7/800,000. But Qianqian’s requirements are very high.

Qianqian told him, what do you think of me? I don’t want my wedding house to be second-hand, and second-hand houses are not worthy of me to live in. If you really love me, you can buy a house in the city center. I don’t want a bride price. I also have a car at home. You don’t need to buy these, you just need to buy them Just buy a decent house downtown.

I said urban areas and suburbs are so important? There is no difference between a first-hand house and a second-hand house. A well-decorated second-hand house can save a lot of decoration money, and I have seen all the houses in the suburbs, and they are very good.

If you don’t believe me, you can go and have a look with me before making a decision. Qianqian said: Don’t look, the good houses are second-hand, and they are not of any use in the city center.

Xiao Wang was so choked that he could not speak. It may be that Xiao Wang cherished this fate very much, and finally chose to compromise, but buying a house in the urban area does not cost 1 million The above is not enough. How could Xiao Wang have so much savings under the age of 30? There is no way for Xiao Wang to ask his parents for help. Although he does not want to be an old man, there is no way to do it now.

When I told my parents the reason, my father sighed and said to me, since you have chosen, don’t regret it. No matter how your mother persuades you, it is useless for our family to get more than 1 million yuan, but I advise you, do not write her name on the real estate certificate, and our family can only take out more than 1 million yuan. It’s really gone.

Although Xiao Wang was hesitant at the time, he still listened to his father’s words. When Xiao Wang and Qianqian bought a house, Xiao Wang insisted on buying a house Only write your own name on the certificate, because Qianqian quarreled with him for a long time. Qianqian thought that Xiao Wang was too selfish. Don’t write her name on it? But under Xiao Wang’s insistence, Qianqian finally chose to compromise.

Xiao Wang told me that the house bought in the urban area would add The renovation cost a total of 1.8 million, which almost emptied all the savings of my parents. Although the cost was huge, only my name was written on the real estate certificate, which made me feel a little bit at ease. I am not a fool. If I get divorced after marriage I have to give her half of the property, so I have to cry to death? Although I love him very much, sometimes I have to be careful!

What Xiao Wang didn’t expect was that what worried him still happened. He thought that he only wrote his own My name, Xiao Wang and Qianqian will be planning their wedding shortly after receiving their marriage certificate. Speaking of this, Xiao Wang fell into memories again…

I thought there was The house wedding will be held smoothly, and she also told me that I don’t need to buy a car, and I don’t need to spend money to do other things, but what I didn’t expect was that on the wedding day, she proposed to me a very The unreasonable request makes me sad, and makes me feel incredible.

Qianqian said: My mother said that although you bought a house, people have the custom of dowry since ancient times when they get married. Think about it, you don’t need to take more, 200,000 is enough.

I said to her, didn’t you say that I can just buy a house in the city center? Besides, this house has already cost my parents 1.8 million. Why did you go back on your word and let me take the bride price? Today is our big wedding day, can you stop being so unreasonable, I really like you, do you have to use money to measure it?

Qianqian said: Don’t be stupid, I said you were stupid at the time, why are you so naive? Buy a house for 1.8 million and want to marry me? Let me tell you that these are not enough, at least get another 200,000 dowry, if you don’t get married, get out of here!

Xiao Wang told me that at that time he seemed to be struck by lightning and suddenly woke up, his hands trembling with anger…

Okay you Qianqian, okay, you’re fine, it seems like it’s all my wishful thinking, I just realized now, you’re just playing with me, you actually said something like that, when we were together, My dad disagreed, I always believed that my feeling was right, now I know my dad is right, I have to go back to the house and write my name, or else I have to let you share half of it?

Speaking of which, Xiao Wang throws up his sleeves and walks away. Believe it or not, there is no girl better than you, you are a vampire, go find the rich man of your dreams, goodbye!

Xiao Wang’s relationship is over like this. In the past 3 years of love, Xiao Wang has paid a lot, whether it is love or money, but I feel that Xiao Wang What he did was right, the clay figurine still had some anger, not to mention Xiao Wang, a strong man like Xiao Wang.

In the long journey of life, we will meet many people, and there is more than one person we meet and know. Shall we all love? In my opinion, is it more important to appreciate someone than to love someone? It is impossible for us to accept all the feelings. There are so many people who meet us every day, but how many people can become our best friends? How many can we cherish each other?

I said these are not aimed at women, and the same is true for individual men. I believe that there are still a few people like Xiang Qianqian, so we must cherish the one who is good to you People, the person who loves you is more important than what you love. Some people just don’t know how to be blessed when they are in the bliss. They don’t realize that there are so many true feelings that we have missed, so I advise everyone , when you meet someone who likes you, don’t hesitate, you must seize it and cherish it!

Because I have missed a lot in my own life experience, maybe when I was young I have always been in a state of ignorance about relationships, or it may be that I always want to find the best one, but now I look back, and the people who used to like me are already married or in love, but I am still single. , I smiled wryly because the fate did not come, I can only comfort myself like this, if I am given another chance, I will definitely not miss the person who once loved me, now in retrospect, there is only a sigh, everyone, don’t leave me Lu, you must cherish the person who treats you well.