It’s normal for succulents to grow slowly. It’s not as good as raising them in a greenhouse. The higher the temperature, the faster they grow.

The growth of succulents is very slow, this is a normal phenomenon, succulents are not like Flowers and green plants, the growth cycle of succulents is very long, while the growth cycle of flowers and green plants is very short, and obvious signs of growth can basically be seen in three to five days, while the growth of succulents takes at least three to five months, so Raising a succulent well takes not only time, but also a lot of energy.

The growth of plants is mainly affected by temperature, not only The same is true for succulents, including other plants. In a higher temperature environment, plants can maintain a relatively good growth state and grow faster. For example, if succulents grow in a greenhouse, the growth rate can be increased by 2~3. times, it will grow faster than we raise it at home.

A succulent seedling with leaf cuttings, placed in the greenhouse In the greenhouse, with the supply of water and fertilizer, it only takes about three months to grow into a large female parent. The growth speed is very fast. If it is placed in our home, it will take at least a year. This is the effect of temperature on succulents.

The reason why succulents need to be placed in the greenhouse for leaf cuttings Propagation is to use the high temperature of the greenhouse, with an average temperature of 28 degrees to 30 degrees, to speed up the rooting and growth of succulents. In addition, the conditions of ventilation can be artificially adjusted, and a large amount of fertilization and watering can be carried out. This is sometimes we It can be seen that moss has grown on the surface of the flower soil, and the succulents can still grow safely.

Temperature and light intensity are two completely different factors, Here, everyone must distinguish clearly. The high temperature in the greenhouse does not mean that the irradiation intensity is high. The temperature and the illumination are completely different. The temperature in the greenhouse is even much higher than the outdoor temperature. Why are succulents placed outside in summer? It is easy to be sunburned, that is because the sun’s ultraviolet radiation intensity is too high, not because the temperature is too high to cause death.

The succulents pass through the exhaust fan in the greenhouse, which can strengthen the air and With the circulation of water, succulents will not cause water accumulation and rotten roots due to high temperature. Artificially controlling the air displacement in the greenhouse can prevent the succulent root system from rotting. Basically, 98% of the succulents we buy today All are grown in greenhouses.


It takes at least 2~3 months for succulents to take root and serve in pots. In the 4th month, it will slowly start to grow again. Even if the growth resumes, its growth speed is relatively slow. It is normal for succulents to grow slowly. There is no artificial solution to this problem, only let It grows naturally.

Manual maintenance and greenhouse maintenance It is a completely different result, just be aware of this in your heart. If you like big succulents, you can directly buy the female parent of succulents, which saves the process of maintenance.