It is very distressing to be powerless, Chinese medicine nourishes the heart and strengthens the spleen, helping to regain self-confidence

“Doctor, I’m not yet 40 years old, but my condition has been declining for 3 or 4 years. I didn’t have the habit of hurting S too often before. I don’t know why my ability has declined so much. Obviously. I have also taken some tonic medicines, but the effect is not very good. I am very distressed now, and I don’t know how to recuperate?”

First of all, everyone should know that although the kidney governs reproduction, it has a direct relationship with this aspect of ability. But not all poor abilities are caused by kidney deficiency.

In the category of traditional Chinese medicine, men’s normal behavior is completed under the cooperation of heart, kidney, spleen and liver.

For example, the heart governs the mind, and a person who has desires must have sufficient energy. In addition, the heart is the master of the internal organs, and only when the heart energy is sufficient can sufficient energy and blood be mobilized to fill the tendons and complete the “standing” situation.

Kidney governs reproduction, men from B to B need kidney essence to provide energy.

The formation of kidney essence depends on the essence of five grains transported by the spleen Continuous filling, so weak spleen deficiency and insufficient kidney J will cause energy decline.

The liver governs the ancestral tendons, and the “brother” is the sink of the ancestral tendons. act.

So there are many reasons that can lead to the decline, not only caused by S, so problems must be treated dialectically, only by identifying the cause Effective improvement.

Like the patient at the beginning of the article, young, I also don’t have the habit of hurting my sac, so it is difficult to see the effect just blindly invigorating the kidney.

I understand that this patient is very worried because of work and family reasons. If a person worries too much and thinks too much, he will exhaust his efforts and spleen yin excessively.

In addition to this problem, this patient is also accompanied by palpitation, insomnia, easy to wake up, abdominal distension, and diarrhea. The pulse condition is heavy and weak.

Comprehensive dialectics is the syndrome of deficiency of both heart and spleen. Insufficient effort cannot fill the ancestral tendons, and spleen deficiency cannot transform sufficient S essence, so it will lead to a decline.

In this case, it is difficult to see the effect of blindly invigorating the kidney. The correct way of conditioning should be to nourish the heart and strengthen the spleen, which can be improved by using Guipi Decoction. Zihe Che, Xianlingpi. (Take dialectically, please follow the doctor’s advice)

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