It is said that people who successfully lose weight do these 3 things every day

There are a huge number of obese people in the world, most of them want to lose weight, but most of them end in failure. But in the weight loss army, there are still about 1% to 5% of people who succeed.


Getting fat is the survival advantage of human beings. In the long evolutionary process, fat has played a important role. How to fight the body’s “fat instinct”? What exactly do those who lose weight successfully do?

“Life Times” invites experts to interpret and give you advice on how to lose weight scientifically.

Experts interviewed

Member of the American Academy of Sports Sciences, tenured professor of the University of Illinois Zhu Weimo

How to define “success in weight loss”

Storing fat is the evolutionary advantage of human beings, so losing weight is a “struggle” against one’s own advantages, which is difficult The extent can be imagined, and it is reasonable for most people to lose weight.

How to judge whether weight loss failed? Two simple words: Rebound, that is, the lost weight grows back. The standard for successful weight loss is: lose 5% or more of your body weight and keep it for more than one year.

There are many reasons for weight loss failure, such as lack of willpower, unbearable hunger, hard to change eating habits, old age and low metabolic rate, etc. Missed the point.

The famous “Minnesota Hunger Study” from 1944 to 1945 helped reveal Opening up the mystery of weight loss failure, the research results at that time still have references for today’s obese people to lose weight:

1. < /em>Food restriction has a huge impact on people’s physiology (basal metabolic rate drops by 40%, people suddenly “get old”), psychology (depression), social interaction (becoming withdrawn) and food cravings.

The diet of the “Minnesota Hunger Study” subjects was strictly controlled

2. After 15-20 weeks of stopping food restriction, the weight will recover.
3. After stopping the food restriction, you will be more hungry for a long time, and it is difficult to restrain the desire to eat binge.
4. For 13 weeks after stopping the food restriction, the subjects ate except for sleeping, with an average daily calorie intake of 5218 kcal per person.
5. After stopping the food restriction, the first thing to recover is fat, and it will take a long time for muscles to recover.

Why weight loss is so difficult

On the New England Journal of Medicine A study has been published showing that two hormonal markers in the body play a leading role in weight change.

The study recruited a group of subjects with an average weight of 94.05 kg, and participated in a 10-week low-energy (500-550 kcal per day) diet The participants then participated in a year-long “weight loss maintenance” intervention, and the researchers also tested hormones related to hunger and appetite.

Leptin: tell the body how much fat is

Leptin levels decrease, appetite increases, and basal metabolic rate decreases.

After 10 weeks of intervention, it dropped by about 67%. One year after the intervention, its levels were 33 percent lower than at the start of the study. Leptin levels slowly returned as the subjects gained weight.

Auxin: stimulate hunger

The level of auxin increased immediately after the intervention, One year after the intervention, its levels were higher than before the intervention.

These hormonal changes show that people are very sensitive to body fat and weight loss. Once you find that the two have dropped significantly, immediately stimulate your appetite to remind your body to take in more food to maintain your original weight.

This kind of “selfish” phenomenon shown by the human body should be understood from the theory of evolution:

In the long evolution , food sources are often insufficient, weight loss poses a major threat to survival, and the function of maintaining or increasing body weight and body fat has been gradually preserved during human evolution. Therefore, these evolutionary advantages that determine the life and death of a species have made today’s obese people more hungry and heavier, and ended in failure.

Successful dieters do three things every day

Based on surveys of people who have successfully lost weight, researchers have found that their success is related to doing three things every day:

Eat breakfast every day< /p>

A study by the University of Lübeck in Germany stated that in the case of the same daily food content and total calories, eating more breakfast will increase the energy consumption of the human body and produce stronger energy. Satiety, reduce the desire for sweets, and less likely to gain weight.


A healthy and qualified breakfast should include at least three types of food:

< p data-track="29">1. Cereal food, such as noodles, steamed buns, bread, etc.;

2. Animal food, such as meat, eggs, dairy products, etc.;

< p data-track="31">3. Vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamin C and can supplement dietary fiber; if you eat more pine nuts, Nuts like almonds are even better.

Weigh every day

Once fat is stored in the body for a period of time, the body will Treat it as a “normal” standard, and it will be difficult to reduce it. This phenomenon is called “Set Point” – “only in and out of the point”.

However, it takes time for the body to remember the weight, so it is necessary to observe the weight change at any time, find the weight gain, and immediately control the fat through diet and exercise to quickly eliminate the fat in the bud.

Studies have found that those who are also planning to lose weight, those who weigh themselves every day can lose weight for a year 3% of body weight, almost no change in those who do not often weigh themselves. People who weighed themselves every day maintained the lost weight a year later.

In addition to weighing, another experience is that you feel that your clothes are tight, so you must not change into looser clothes immediately, but adjust your diet, increase the amount of exercise, and eliminate weight gain in the bud.

Exercise for one hour a day

The most basic principle of weight loss is energy balance . Only relying on diet control will cause a strong sense of hunger, and losing weight is too painful and difficult to persist, so it is very important to combine it with exercise.

In addition, studies have found that exercising in the morning is more effective for weight loss. If you do 45 minutes of moderate-to-high-intensity exercise in the morning, it can help your body consume an extra 190 kcal in a day.

Suggestions for weight loss from sports experts

Based on weight loss related research and Based on the observation of people who failed to lose weight, experts put forward 3 suggestions for Chinese people to lose weight.

01Do not easily join the army of weight loss

Many people, especially young women, who are not fat, join the army to lose weight in order to pursue skinny beauty, but the result is self-defeating.

A certain amount of fat is very important to the health of the body, especially to the health of women. Affected by aesthetic anxiety, many normal-weight or slightly plump women blindly engage in weight loss behaviors that are contrary to health.

02Slower weight loss

The extra tens of catties of fat cannot be eaten in one meal, so please don’t let them go too fast.

If you lose weight too fast and too fast, your body will receive a signal of “Great Famine”. As a result, the body initiates a natural protection response-the basal metabolic rate decreases and the sense of hunger increases, which will inevitably lead to weight loss failure.

In addition, after the age of 45 for women and 50 for men, the basal metabolic rate will There is a significant decline, which is also an important reason for people to gain weight in middle age.

03Science against “hunger”

Unbearable hunger is the main reason for weight loss failure. The most sensitive to hunger are blood sugar level and stomach fullness, so keeping blood sugar level and stomach fullness is the key.

Here are a few small ways to control hunger:

1. Breakfast must have a certain amount of protein, so that digestion Get up slowly to provide a constant supply of energy throughout the day.

2. A certain amount of crude fiber should be ensured in each meal, so that the stomach can easily feel full.

3. Eat some fruit or nuts between lunch and dinner, and don’t overeat before dinner because you feel too hungry.

4. Drink soup before meals to make the stomach feel full and reduce eating.

5. Eat as little processed food as possible. First, it is too easy to digest (leading to rapid rise and fall of blood sugar level), and second, most of these foods contain excessive sugar, oil, and pigment Wait.

6. If you are exercising in the afternoon, try to put the exercise time before dinner, drink some water after exercising, and your appetite will not be too strong. “Eat less late “It’s easier to do. ▲

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