It hurts! Paronychia, mostly because of the wrong habit of cutting nails

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there is a pain that overflows the screen, calledparonychia .

Recently, a 15-year-old boy from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, Zhang’s big toe was red and swollen, and it hurt when touched. The doctor’s examination found that Zhang’s toes were red and swollen and some toenails had been embedded in the paronychia, which was diagnosed as paronychia.

Paronychia is a very common disease that suffers from dermatology and orthopedic clinics for a long time, but many people do not know it. what to do with it. I don’t dare to walk. Every time I walk, I feel a tingling sensation in my toes, and it hurts. If you accidentally bump into a diseased toe, you will have to amputate the toe. Why do some people have paronychia? Let’s have a good chat today.


What is paronychia ?

Paronychia is actually very well understood. There is a structure around our toenails (nails) called a groove, which is our toenail ( The nail) connects with the surrounding soft tissue, and the inflammation that occurs in this place is called paronychia.

What are the possible causes of paronychia whether it is fingers or toes?

  • Wrong trimmingis a very common cause of toenail paronychia;
  • overweight or obese< /span>people are more prone to paronychia;
  • regular vigorous exercise people are prone to paronychia;
  • wearing shoes that fit and are too tight, and some female friendslong-term wearing of high heelsalso induce paronychia;
  • < li>Trauma is also a common cause of toenails.

There is a special point that needs to be paid attention to.If paronychia of the fingers frequently occurs, then you must pay attention Check for blood sugar abnormalities.


Does paronychia need to be removed?

normally , for not particularly severeparonychia, patients should oftensee a dermatologist first< /strong>, carry out the corresponding treatment. But If the torture is excruciatingly painful, you can go to the orthopaedic department for nail extraction. Gallery copyright picture, do not authorize reprint In fact, there are many patients with the disease. The patients with the disease often form an obvious redness and swelling around the fingernail, and a white edge will be formed on the side of the finger or at the root of the nail, which is the formed abscess cavity. This situation must be It is necessary to go to the hospital in time to seek the help of a doctor, Drain the abscess cavity and release the pus and it will recover soon.

Will paronychia be completely cured after nail removal?

This is not the case, There will be a certain chance of recurrence after nail extraction, and many patients with toe paronychia are caused by incorrect trimming of toenails, so how to trim them correctly? ?


How to trim nails properly?

< p>Let’s ask a question first: Do you think it’s better to make toenails rounded or flat?

may be bigger Some of the answers are arc-shaped, especially for people who have been plagued by toenails for a long time. They feel that the shorter the toenail trimming, the better, so as to prevent the toenail from being embedded in the surrounding soft tissue, no longer causing pain, no longer There is an infection, but it’s a bit wishful thinking.

The correct way to trim is to flatten the toenails and allow them to grow forward.< /span>

Web source >After a period of time, the toenail crosses the surrounding soft tissue, so the surrounding soft tissue will no longer be stimulated, and the paronychia will be cured.

In the process of this treatment, there are several details to pay attention to:

1) When the symptoms are relatively mild , As long as we pay attention to disinfection with iodophor every day or apply mupirocin ointment properly, it can help us control the problem .

2) It is necessary to place a small cotton pad on the periphery of the toenail growth, especially the ingrown nail that irritates the surrounding soft tissue to elevate the growing toenails, so as not to irritate the surrounding soft tissue excessively.

Or use a small infusion tube, cut the infusion tube around the toenail to form a gap on the side of the nail, a protection.

As time goes by, after the toenail grows, paronychia will also be cured, but many patients say that this method will be uncomfortable, because after all, the infusion tube is a foreign body, and it is easier to fall off , not as stable as a small piece of cotton.

3) It is recommended that patients with toenail paronychia, usually wear shoes as loose as possible< /strong>Do not over-stimulate your toenails. Choose more breathable shoes, or if possible, wear slippers to expose the toes, so as not to let the already inflamed toes, long-term In a hot and humid environment.

4) If possible, don’t walk for a long time. For those who have already injured toes, patients with paronychia must have this aspect I feel that the more problems there are, the easier it is to bump. Sometimes the bumps are more serious, and the paronychia, which has been healed quickly, has become serious again.

If paronychia doesn’t heal after the above measures, then you should really consider removing part of the toenail.

Expert in this article|Xie Xinhui, Jixi Jikuang Hospital, Chief Physician, Bone and Joint and Sports Injury Direction span>

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