Is an expensive cancer checkup worth it?

Pineapple Says

China now has a variety of cancer prevention check-up packages, cancer markers, PET-CT (PET: positron emission tomography, positron emission tomography), next-generation gene sequencing , one is more popular than the other, and one is more expensive than the other.

For example, in recent years, the whole body PET-CT, which has been known as the “anti-cancer physical examination artifact”, costs nearly 10,000 yuan, but it can’t stop everyone’s enthusiasm. Do a PET-CT if you have the money! If you love TA, send TA to do PET-CT! One of my buddies, the company’s year-end award is to present outstanding employees with a PET-CT cancer prevention check-up package. In the past few years, there are still many people who will go to Japan to do PET-CT as a special tourism project.

Then the question is, is the more expensive the medical examination the better? Are these tall cancer prevention checkups useful?

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