Inventory of Chinese aunt-style photo poses, do you often take pictures like this?

How do you pose for the camera, classic scissor hand or awkwardly overwhelmed?

When it comes to photo poses, Chinese aunts can definitely occupy a seat. There are only things you can’t think of, and there are no aunts who can’t pose.

Let’s take a look at the classic photo poses of aunties to see if you are also subtly affected.

1. One arm hangs down naturally or lightly lifts the skirt, and the other arm is opened, presenting a “welcome” visual sense.

2. With the silk scarf in hand, don’t worry about bad posture. Whether it is a single photo or a multi-person photo, the aunts can always change the silk scarves in their hands and dance with the wind.

3. No matter what age, women’s attachment to flowers is always the same. When encountering beautiful flowers, they can’t help but want to take a photo.

Standing in front of the sea of ​​flowers, or hiding their bodies in the sea of ​​flowers, aunties can always smile happily like flowers.

4. I don’t know if you have noticed that the aunts really have their own sense of pose. They have a lot of body movements, which may be related to frequent square dancing, no matter in any scene. , can do a lot of action.

Open your arms and embrace a bright future; keep your chest up and look in the direction of your fingers…

5. When taking group photos, aunties like to stand in a row. In order to enrich the picture, they often change their posture. For example, the latter person puts his hand on the previous person’s shoulder, Then stretch out a leg.

6. Sitting back-to-back on the grass reflects the deep friendship between sisters; or one person sits and one person is half-kneeling, one in front and one behind, one high and one low, making a contrast echo.

Of course, aunties can occasionally let go of their “grandfather” and take some pictures with a story.

For example, turning your back to the camera and looking out at the sea, as if reminiscing about your youth.

Ordered standing, coupled with natural movements, seems like a gathering of long-lost old friends, very beautiful.

Taking pictures is for souvenirs, and of course it is also a manifestation of loving life. The love of Chinese aunts for the elderly life is still worth learning.

Occasionally I see aunties on the street instructing young girls on how to take pictures. This scene is actually quite beautiful.