Interpret the “service temperature” of Yiyuan Rural Commercial Bank for door-to-door business

Recently, a customer came to the business department of Yiyuan Rural Commercial Bank. He looked very anxious. After understanding, the man’s mother was old and sick and had trouble walking, so she couldn’t go to the bank to handle business in person. Thinking of going to the bank and asking what can be done.

It turned out that the bank card of the man’s mother had not been used for a long time, and the account was locked due to forgetting the password. After understanding the situation, the lobby manager immediately reported the situation to the person in charge of the outlet. The branch manager considered that it was difficult for the old man to reset the bank card password. After temporary coordination, the sales department dispatched two staff members with authorized Relevant information Go to the elderly’s home to carry out door-to-door services to help the elderly successfully reset the password and complete the unlocking smoothly.

Intimate service, warm home. For the employees of Yiyuan Rural Commercial Bank, small door-to-door services are just a small matter in daily work, but for customers, they have solved a big problem. Since the beginning of this year, the business department of Yiyuan Rural Commercial Bank has continued to improve the quality and level of financial services by continuously enriching service content and improving measures to facilitate and benefit the people in its daily work, so as to ensure that high-quality financial services are delivered to customers. (Liu Wei)