Intercourse between the sexes and the occurrence of extramarital affairs are inseparable from these points


In fact, everything happens for a reason, but we didn’t pay attention to it , A slap can’t make a sound, nothing happens is not a person’s fault, so in terms of love, not only men are at fault, but women are also at fault, but many people are willing to blame their mistakes on themselves.

Gender communication and the occurrence of extramarital affairs are inseparable from these points.

Emotions between each other Needs

The occurrence of extramarital affairs is very closely related to the emotional needs between each other. There are many things in this world. We must know how to deal with it, don’t always think about too many complicated things, it is useless if you think too much, everything in life is like this.

That is to say, when this thing happens, they are all related to each other, a slap cannot be made, no matter it is impossible at any time Doing these things alone, because the way of life between each other can explain a lot of problems, but there are many reasons, women are not willing to take responsibility.

As long as you pay a little attention, you will find that women actually need feelings more than men. It’s just that no one in our life is willing to admit this. In fact, the reality tells us many things, we must seriously consider them, and don’t take responsibility easily, because some things are not your fault alone.


Interest relationship

The interest relationship is also very important. In our life, we often encounter such problems. We must know that there are many Things need to be seriously considered, otherwise, some things will happen to you, and these things cannot be faced by you alone.

Actually, in real life, many people think it is your fault and you have to analyze it yourself. In the end, you will find that it is not only the fault of men, but also the fault of women Wanting to be with men is actually a woman’s fault. If a man is willing, he will not get what he wants.

Most of the time, we need to use factual data to speak, but many people feel that they are really ugly and dare not speak out. In fact, all the emotions between men and women in life are closely related to all aspects of our personalities. drive.


everything that happens is an extramarital affair between a man and a woman for a reason. In fact, it is not a matter of one person. Wherever the witness is wrong, the actor is also at fault, but in this world The ratio of men to women in the world is too different, so men need to take on greater responsibilities. In terms of emotional needs, women actually far exceed men.