In winter, we must pay attention to the “three Tibetans”: Zangyang, Zangjing, and Zangshen. Pay attention to how to do it

Grow in spring and grow in summer, harvest in autumn and store in winter. Winter is the season of hiding. The “Nei Jing” says that if it goes against it, it will hurt the kidneys, and in spring, it will cause impotence, and few people will live. Improper health preservation in winter will damage the kidneys, and limb weakness will easily occur in the next spring.

In winter, everything hides and the yang energy is hidden inside. The essence should be hidden and the spirit should be quiet to avoid the consumption of yang energy. So, how to “hide” in winter? There are three aspects that must be paid attention to.

Primary “Zangyang”< /span>

Yang Qi is the righteousness of the body and the source of immunity. In winter, yin flourishes and yang declines, so it is necessary to “hidden yang”.

How to hide the sun? One is to lie down early and get up late to reduce the consumption of yang energy; the other is to get more sun exposure to increase the supplement of yang energy.

In winter, the yin qi is too strong at night, and the more activities you do, the more yang qi will be consumed, so you should go to bed early. You used to go to bed at 11 o’clock late, but now it is best to go to bed at 9 o’clock or later Go to bed at ten o’clock in the evening, staying up late is absolutely not acceptable. Go to bed early and get up late, the sun rises late in winter, and getting up late is just to avoid the cold and keep warm, and follow the weather.

The sun is the main source of yang energy and the most selfless gift of nature. The back is yang in the human body, and it is also the place where the yang channels converge. Sunbathing in winter can replenish yang energy and improve the body’s resistance. On the premise of keeping warm and windproof, if you expose yourself to the sun for 20 to 30 minutes a day, there will be unexpected gains.

Abstinence “stores essence”

The kidney is The source of energy of the human body, its function is strong, the vitality is strong, it can adjust the body to adapt to the changes of severe winter, and prevent the invasion of cold air; on the contrary, improper adjustment and intake can easily damage the kidney, and kidney damage can easily affect other internal organs, or lead to severe diseases. .

Kidney essence is the essence of the five internal organs, so in winter, abstinence is required to avoid excessive drinking. Moreover, the absorption function of the spleen and stomach is good in winter, which is a good time to store essence and reserve essence.

In winter, the five colors are black, and black food corresponds to the kidney meridian. Regular food can strengthen the qi of the kidneys, nourish the kidneys and strengthen essence, make the appearance young, and is good for the genitourinary system. Black grains include black rice, black beans, black sesame, etc.; black vegetables include black fungus, black tempeh, straw mushrooms, etc.; black fruits include black dates, mulberries, and dried longan.

Reassuring “Tibetan God”

In winter, you must “make your will If you hide yourself, if you have selfish intentions, if you already have something.” Zhi has the meaning of mind and mood. Let one’s mind be hidden inside, emotions hidden, not exposed, just like having a personal secret hidden in the heart from others, like having a favorite thing hidden from others to see.

Emotional introversion, not too happy or sad, not disturbed by external objects, keep inner peace, smooth thoughts. Less restlessness, no noise, no anger with others, no quarrel with others, no sulking, so that the “spirit” is at ease, which is the so-called “spiritual inner guard”.

Energetic, full of energy, and full of energy. If you hide your energy and energy in winter, your body will lay a solid foundation, and you will have a solid position to resist diseases.

Attention should be paid to the “Three Zangs” in winter, so that the yang energy will not be damaged, the yin essence will be accumulated, and the essence will be recharged to prepare for the vitality of the coming spring.