In the middle of the night, dozens of people went through the check-in formalities with a unified red trolley case… The medical team from Shanghai rushed to Hainan in the starry night

On the evening of August 7, a medical team composed of 52 medical staff from Shanghai Xinhua Hospital took China Southern Airlines CZ8476 (Shanghai Hongqiao-Haikou) ) The flight departed from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and rushed to Haikou, Hainan overnight. The flight landed in Haikou at 01:49 in the morning.

“It is estimated that the task was temporarily received, and the medical team did not inform us in advance,” said Qian Rongying, director of the Hongqiao Check-in Room of the Ground Service Department of China Southern Airlines Shanghai Branch. “I saw dozens of people unified that night. Carrying the same red trolley case to check-in and asking them to find out that they are the medical team from Shanghai to Hainan.”

< p>The Shanghai Ground Service Department of China Southern Airlines immediately dispatched the backbone of the business to arrange counter services, focusing on ensuring that the medical team members quickly verify the Hainan health code, checked luggage, etc. At the same time, contact the support units in advance to take their places in time, and arrange luggage search personnel and off-board supervision. Personnel linkage, the luggage of medical team members is centrally packed in the same area of ​​the cabin in advance, which is convenient for quick retrieval when the luggage is unloaded at the arrival station, reduces the waiting time for medical staff to collect luggage, and helps the medical team to help Hainan smoothly.

It is reported that from August 6th to 7th, China Southern Airlines has dispatched a total of 18 medical charter flights and regular shifts, transporting about 2,800 medical staff from Guangdong, Hunan, Hubei and Henan provinces to Hainan to support Hainan. Nucleic acid testing and other related epidemic prevention work.

Author: Zhang Xiaoming, Qian Yuxing, Liang Xiruo

Editor: Zhou Chen

Responsibility Editor: Liu Liyuan

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