In front of the word “Save”, some hospitals in Shanghai have opened up emergency channels for patients with oral emergencies

At the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control, the two white “love canopies” built in the open air have become the mainstay of Shanghai Stomatological Hospital. Jinyuan District and Fuxing Middle Road District are a landscape. The “Love Canopy” stands guard 24 hours a day to escort the health of emergency patients and medical staff who have not had a 48-hour nucleic acid negative report.

Recently, an old gentleman was wandering at the entrance of Fuxing Middle Road, Shanghai Stomatological Hospital. His unusual behavior attracted the attention of the pre-checkers. It turned out that the nucleic acid test results of the old man in the community had not yet come out, but when the day of the denture test came, he wanted to “try his luck”.

After learning about the situation, the pre-inspection personnel immediately guided him to the “Love Canopy”. Qian Chenghui, a prosthodontist at Shanghai Stomatological Hospital, changed into protective clothing and completed the denture trial work for him. and gave relevant precautions.

At present, Fuxing Middle Road and Pujin Districts of Shanghai Stomatological Hospital are open for emergency treatment 24 hours a day. The emergency treatment scope includes: oral emergencies (such as oral soft tissue injury, dental trauma, joint dislocation, tooth extraction Post-bleeding, acute toothache, etc.), and special emergency patients who cannot provide a negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours in a timely manner. The hospital reminds that patients who come to the hospital at night must call the emergency call (18918100799 17:00-8:00 the next day) so that the green channel can be opened in advance.

Under the epidemic, oral diagnosis and treatment is undoubtedly a high-risk operation item, but a small tooth can move the whole body by pulling a “tooth”.

In order to prevent patients from having nowhere to seek medical treatment, some stomatology medical institutions and stomatology departments of some hospitals in Shanghai insist on not pressing the “pause button” for diagnosis and treatment under the premise of strengthening prevention and control measures.

On April 17, Shanghai Changzheng Hospital also received a letter of thanks.

“Thank you for giving my mother timely treatment.” The simple text also led to a thrilling first aid. It turned out that on the afternoon of April 4, 87-year-old Mrs. Qin was sent to Shanghai Changzheng Hospital by 120. According to the description of the family, the old man lived alone. He accidentally fell when he went downstairs to do nucleic acid testing that day, knocked two teeth face down, one tooth shook, his lips were torn, and his mouth was full of blood. After the sampling, the neighbor called an ambulance and took her to the nearest Long March Hospital.

On the same day, Chen Xuan, a stomatologist at Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, happened to be on duty in the emergency department. He contacted the hospital on duty as soon as possible, opened a green channel for the elderly to seek medical treatment, and conducted necessary examinations and treatment in the emergency department.

“The old man’s upper lip and gums are bruised and need to be debridement and suture immediately.” After the physical examination, Chen Xuan went back and forth to the emergency room and helped the old man register, pay, issue antigen and rapid nucleic acid test Wait.

After everything was ready, he let the old man lie down on the transfer bed, and after local disinfection to clean the wound, he performed upper lip surgery for her. and gingival debridement and suture. In the end, Mrs. Qin had 5 stitches on her lips and 2 stitches on her gums. After the treatment was over, considering factors such as the inconvenience of re-examination during the epidemic, Chen Xuan also took the initiative to leave his phone number so that the other party could contact him if he had any questions. At present, the old man has gone to the Department of Stomatology of Changzheng Hospital for a follow-up visit to remove the sutures and is recovering well.

Wang Guodong, director of the Department of Stomatology of Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, introduced that during the epidemic, the Stomatology Clinic insisted on opening clinics, dispatched doctors from the department to be on duty in the emergency department, and insisted on putting the word “rescue” in the front.

During the special period, the hospital has also noticed that some citizens are locked down and cannot go out at home, or some people feel that the risk of the hospital is too high and dare not go to the hospital. Patients can “face-to-face” with doctors through online consultation or consultation. To this end, the “Online Consultation” function of Shanghai Stomatological Hospital is currently open to oral specialist nursing, maxillofacial surgery, children’s oral, implant, mucosa/periodontal, restoration, prevention, orthodontics, endodontic, periodontal, etc. Team of experts.

In addition, returning patients can also seek medical treatment through the online follow-up function of the Internet Hospital of Shanghai Stomatological Hospital. Currently, the Department of Oral Mucosa, Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontology has been opened. Internet clinics such as department, prosthetic department, implantology department, pediatric dentistry department, etc.

Author: Li Chenyan

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