In addition to myopia, these 7 incentives should also be understood and cannot be ignored.

Eyes are the windows through which people see the world, so it is important to protect your eyes and eyesight. However, many people often see blurry things in life, and many people think that blurry vision is just caused by myopia; in fact, in addition to myopia, there are some other reasons that can cause this symptom, If the cause is not found out in time and symptomatic treatment is not carried out, it will not only affect daily work and life, but also may bring more serious harm to health. Therefore, the phenomenon of blurred vision must not be taken lightly.

So, what factors are related to blurred vision?

1. Cataract

The main manifestation of cataract patients is painless vision loss, early symptoms of the disease Relatively mild, it can be manifested as mild vision loss, blurred vision and other symptoms;

There will be double vision when seeing things. As the disease continues to progress, vision continues to decline, Glaucoma and even blindness may occur later.

If the cataract can be found in time, it can be treated with eye drops. Once it progresses to the advanced stage, surgery is required.

2. Improper sleeping position

many People are accustomed to lying on the table to sleep in the morning. When they wake up, they will find that their eyes are blurred. This is mainly because sleeping on the stomach will press the eyes;

It can lead to high intraocular pressure, Congestion of the eyeball and deformation of the cornea can cause blurred vision, but this blurry vision can be resolved within a short period of time and can be avoided by changing sleep positions.

3. Lack of vitamins

< p>Vitamin plays an important role in the growth, development and metabolism of the human body. Among them, vitamin A is related to eye health. If the body lacks vitamin A, it will cause dry eye and blurred vision. and other symptoms.

For such cases, patients can usually eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as carrots, grapes, tomatoes, pork liver, etc., which can help relieve blurred vision. symptom.

4. Inflammation of the eyes< /strong>

If you suffer from ocular inflammation, such as retinitis, keratitis, stromal keratitis, etc., symptoms of decreased vision and blurred vision may also occur.

5. Visual fatigue

Using eyes for a long time will cause visual fatigue, such as Looking at mobile phones and computers for a long time, Especially in an environment with poor sitting posture and poor lighting, it is more likely that the eyes will be overtired, resulting in the symptoms of blurred vision.

6. Diabetes

If a patient with diabetes Failure to control blood sugar can lead to complications, including retinopathy, a more serious complication ranging from visual loss and blurred vision Other symptoms, severe cases can cause blindness.

Therefore, diabetic patients must control their blood sugar and go to the hospital for fundus examination regularly to avoid complications.

7. Hypertension

Hypertension The patient’s blood pressure is not controlled and remains high, which can lead to retinal arteriosclerosis, and in severe cases, symptoms such as hemorrhage, edema, and exudation may occur;

As the disease progresses, exudate builds up on the retina, which can cause visual disturbances, such as blurred vision, or objects that become smaller or deformed when viewed.

It can be seen that blurred vision is not necessarily caused by myopia, and some other diseases can also cause this symptom, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cataracts.

Therefore, if the symptoms of blurred vision occur frequently recently, you must go to the hospital for examination in time, and then make targeted treatment after clarifying the cause, so as to avoid the progression of the disease and bring greater harm to your health.