Immerse yourself in the fantasy of “Yueyang Tower” and read the innovative products of internal references

On August 5th, the opening ceremony of the 2022 First China Yueyang Dongting Fishing Fire Festival was held in Yueyang Tower, Yueyang City, Hunan Province. As an important part of the opening ceremony of the Yueyang Dongting Fishing Fire Festival, Jiugui Liquor Company’s internal reference wine brand and new media director team “Yueyang Tower Records Immersive Poetry and Wine Fantasy – Ideal”, jointly created, was staged in the sunken square of Yueyang Tower. The release ceremony of immersive poetry and wine fantasy products tailored for creative cultural products created with the theme of “Record”.

Liu Zhenguo, Deputy Secretary General of China Alcoholic Drinks Association, Zheng Yi, Vice Chairman and General Manager of Jiugui Liquor Co., Ltd., Du Jianming, General Manager of Huatang Yunshang Marketing Communication Co., Ltd., and Wang Zhe, Deputy General Manager of Jiugui Liquor Co., Ltd. , Professor Zhang Yiwu, professor of Chinese Department of Peking University, doctoral supervisor and other leading guests attended and witnessed the glorious launch of the product.

Immersive poetry and wine fantasy, a new way of brand expression

Wandering in the quaint buildings, passing through the poetic outline of Dongting, a thousand-year-old poetry and wine fantasy kicked off at the Yueyang Tower, an ancient building with a thousand years. The dialogue between the sages of time and space shows the cultural heritage and the spirit of worry and joy carried by Yueyang Tower with the artistic technique of blending fine wine and poetry, and uses new media art to break the time and space, and build a 360-degree 5D fantasy poetry and painting scene.

From this fantasy realm of poetry and wine, we can feel Fan Zhongyan’s family and country feelings of “the world’s worries and worries, and the world’s happiness and joy”, Du Fu’s family and country responsibility of “the army and horses pass the north of the mountain, and the tears flow through the mountains” , Li Bai’s open-minded state of mind of “The wild goose leads the sadness away, and the mountains hold the title of the moon”, and Huang Tingjian’s unrestrained emotion of “smile before arriving in the south of the Yangtze River, and Yueyang upstairs towards Junshan”.

This new product takes the taster through time and space with an immersive poetry and wine cultural fantasy, and appreciates the innovation and integration of high-end cultural liquor, traditional culture and trendy art. It has subverted consumers’ perception of the traditional gameplay of liquor, and also opened a new era of cultural liquor expression.

The combination of cultural taste and cultural brand

At the moment when the cultural and creative of liquor is prevalent, the cultural and creative products, compared with other circulating products, undertake the important task of enhancing the brand value and enriching the brand culture. Therefore, in the development of cultural and creative products, the internal reference wine has always been produced with high standards. Require.

August 6, 2022, “Wen Yun Hua Xia Chinese Spirit and Internal Reference Wine Culture Seminar – “Yueyang Tower”” was grandly held in Yueyang Hotel.

At the seminar, Zheng Yi, vice chairman and general manager of Jiuguijiu Co., Ltd., said that the internal reference brand and the ancient masterpiece “Yueyang Tower” are culturally similar. “Introvert the universe, comprehend the world” is the brand connotation of the internal reference, which means to have the feelings of the family and the country, to be high and to worry about the world. This sense of responsibility and mission is exactly the same as Fan Zhongyan’s “Yueyang Tower” “Worry before the world and worry about the world after the world.” Pleasure and Pleasure” coincidentally.

Liu Zhenguo, deputy secretary general of the China Alcoholic Drinks Association, said that in the market, the price of wine is determined by the height of the brand, and the height of the brand must be supported by culture. The internal reference brand is a cultural and innovative product with the theme of “Yueyang Tower”, which combines the humanistic spirit with the internal reference brand, so that Chinese culture and consumers have an identity and resonance. This sense of identity supports the product from personality to commonality, from characteristics. Towards the core driving force of universal consumption, this cultural and creative product has a good demonstration value and significance not only for internal reference, but also for the Chinese liquor industry.

Wang Zhe, deputy general manager of Jiugui Liquor Co., Ltd., said that people buy high-end liquor not only for the quality of the liquor itself, but also for the brand value expression and culture behind the product. “Yueyang Tower” themed cultural and creative products, as high-end cultural products of the internal reference brand, carry not only the three stages of life “the first, the middle and the clear”, but also the ideals, aspirations, worries and joys in everyone’s heart. The spirit and feelings of family and country are unmatched by many cultural and creative products on the market.

Zhang Yiwu, a professor and doctoral supervisor of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Peking University, said that the combination of the ancient masterpiece “The Story of Yueyang Tower” and China’s high-end cultural liquor, Nei Shen Liquor, is a combination of cultural taste and cultural brand. For Nei Shen, It is also a great enrichment and value enhancement of the brand connotation. (Liu Jie Tang Tiantian)